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Hi-Yah!From new films to classic kung fu, HIYAH! offers the best in Asian Action cinema.

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Hi-Yah!Now PlayingHi-Yah!From new films to classic kung fu, HIYAH! offers the best in Asian Action cinema.0Hi-Yah!Hi-Yah!From new films to classic kung fu, HIYAH! offers the best in Asian Action cinema.

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The Knights of the ShadowNow Playing1hr 49minThe Knights of the ShadowThe DetectiveNow Playing1hr 50minThe DetectiveThe FourNow Playing1hr 59minThe FourThe Taking of Tiger MountainNow Playing2hr 23minThe Taking of Tiger MountainCrossNow Playing1hr 26minCrossThe ThievesNow Playing2hr 17minThe ThievesTrain to BusanNow Playing1hr 58minTrain to BusanDragonwolfNow Playing2hr 2minDragonwolfLittle Big SoldierNow Playing1hr 36minLittle Big SoldierThe Mighty Peking ManNow Playing1hr 26minThe Mighty Peking ManBadges of FuryNow Playing1hr 38minBadges of FuryIchi The KIllerNow Playing2hr 10minIchi The KIllerAmerican MuscleNow Playing1hr 18minAmerican MuscleThe Midnight AfterNow Playing2hr 1minThe Midnight AfterWarriors of the Rainbow: Seediq BaleNow Playing2hr 35minWarriors of the Rainbow: Seediq BaleWhite VengeanceNow Playing2hr 18minWhite VengeanceFirestormNow Playing1hr 50minFirestormShaolinNow Playing2hr 12minShaolinThe SuspectNow Playing2hr 18minThe SuspectThe Stool PigeonNow Playing1hr 53minThe Stool PigeonWhite Haired WitchNow Playing1hr 44minWhite Haired WitchDream Journey 3: The Land of ManyNow Playing1hr 36minDream Journey 3: The Land of ManyWolf WarriorNow Playing1hr 31minWolf WarriorSavageNow Playing1hr 53minSavageCold War 2Now Playing1hr 50minCold War 2The TunnelNow Playing2hr 7minThe TunnelLegend of the Demon SealNow Playing1hr 33minLegend of the Demon SealFairy Tale KillerNow Playing1hr 35minFairy Tale KillerMojin: The Lost LegendNow Playing2hr 5minMojin: The Lost LegendThe AssassinsNow Playing1hr 48minThe AssassinsKillersNow Playing2hr 18minKillersThe GuillotinesNow Playing1hr 53minThe GuillotinesGolden Cane WarriorNow Playing1hr 52minGolden Cane WarriorBig BrotherNow Playing1hr 42minBig BrotherTai Chi HeroNow Playing1hr 43minTai Chi HeroUnstoppableNow Playing1hr 57minUnstoppableLegendary AmazonsNow Playing1hr 49minLegendary AmazonsThe Legend of ZuNow Playing1hr 25minThe Legend of ZuShocking KungFu of Huo'sNow Playing1hr 39minShocking KungFu of Huo'sWild CityNow Playing1hr 42minWild CityThe Game ChangerNow Playing2hr 13minThe Game ChangerIncarnation of the Monkey KingNow Playing1hr 24minIncarnation of the Monkey KingCommitmentNow Playing1hr 53minCommitmentGonjiam: Haunted AsylumNow Playing1hr 35minGonjiam: Haunted AsylumThe Divine FuryNow Playing2hr 10minThe Divine FuryPolice Story: LockdownNow Playing1hr 51minPolice Story: LockdownBaby BluesNow Playing1hr 32minBaby BluesMemories of the SwordNow Playing2hr 1minMemories of the SwordSwelterNow Playing1hr 41minSwelterDetective Dee: The Four Heavenly KingdomsNow Playing2hr 12minDetective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kingdoms