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My True FairytaleSeventeen-year-old Angie vanishes after a horrific car accident in the close-knit town of Gardenland, Fla. As the police, her family, and her friends search for her, Angie embarks on a journey to fulfill her childhood fantasy of becoming a superhero.Her Free Movies

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My True FairytaleMy True FairytaleSeventeen-year-old Angie vanishes after a horrific car accident in the close-knit town of Gardenland, Fla. As the police, her family, and her friends search for her, Angie embarks on a journey to fulfill her childhood fantasy of becoming a superhero.Restart available0The Accidental HusbandThe Accidental HusbandEmma (Uma Thurman), a radio host, is about to be married to Richard (Colin Firth), her perfect match. But right before her wedding, she learns she's already married to Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a charming but irresponsible fireman. Furthermore, Patrick has a secret: he has arranged this little trick because Emma advised Patrick's ex-fiancee to end their relationship. However, Patrick may find that the trick is on him, for he soon begins to fall in love with his uptight adversary.

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