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A Little Bit of HeavenNew Orleans ad executive Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson) is a free-spirited woman who embraces her easy sexuality, shuns commitment, and gains support and strength from a close circle of friends. Then Marley learns she has terminal colon cancer. Despite her determination not to be tied down in a serious relationship, Marley finds herself falling in love with her handsome doctor (Gael García Bernal), even as her health slowly deteriorates.Her Free Movies

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A Little Bit of HeavenA Little Bit of HeavenNew Orleans ad executive Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson) is a free-spirited woman who embraces her easy sexuality, shuns commitment, and gains support and strength from a close circle of friends. Then Marley learns she has terminal colon cancer. Despite her determination not to be tied down in a serious relationship, Marley finds herself falling in love with her handsome doctor (Gael García Bernal), even as her health slowly deteriorates.Restart available0This World AloneThis World AloneFollowing a cataclysmic event, Sam (Belle Adams), a book-obsessed girl in her late teens, attempts to survive with her two mother figures in a world without technology or power. Willow (Sophie Edwards) believes in a world of compassion and empathy whereas Connie (Carrie Walrond Hood) believes in an Äúonly the strong survive,Äù mentality. Those warring philosophies are put to the test when an accident forces Sam out of her home for the first time and she journeys to a nearby settlement for help.

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