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Bram Stoker's DraculaAcademy Award Winner Francis Ford Coppola directs this lavish adaptation of one of the most terrifying tales of all time. Gary Oldman plays the undead Count who falls in love with a beautiful young woman (Winona Ryder), a dead ringer for his true love who perished centuries earlier. Hopkins plays the vampire-hunter Van Helsing, who recognizes Dracula's unimaginable evil and seeks his final demise.Free Movies

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Bram Stoker's DraculaBram Stoker's DraculaAcademy Award Winner Francis Ford Coppola directs this lavish adaptation of one of the most terrifying tales of all time. Gary Oldman plays the undead Count who falls in love with a beautiful young woman (Winona Ryder), a dead ringer for his true love who perished centuries earlier. Hopkins plays the vampire-hunter Van Helsing, who recognizes Dracula's unimaginable evil and seeks his final demise.Restart available0Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The BombDr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The BombPsychotic Air Force General unleashes ingenious foolproof and irrevocable scheme sending bombers to attack Russia. U.S. President works with Soviet premier in a desperate effort to save the world.

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A Most Wanted ManNow Playing2hr 3minA Most Wanted ManStayNow Playing1hr 39minStayHeistNow Playing1hr 49minHeistThe Woman Who SinnedNow Playing1hr 34minThe Woman Who SinnedDeadly WhispersNow Playing1hr 35minDeadly WhispersThe InstituteNow Playing1hr 31minThe InstituteThe Trouble with BarryNow Playing1hr 29minThe Trouble with BarryDear PrudenceNow Playing1hr 27minDear PrudenceVilsenNow Playing1hr 56minVilsenMommyNow Playing1hr 29minMommyThe Girl in the CornfieldNow Playing1hr 20minThe Girl in the CornfieldCollege PranksNow Playing1hr 41minCollege PranksDead LoveNow Playing1hr 20minDead LoveThe Kennel Murder CaseNow Playing1hr 14minThe Kennel Murder CaseMade GuysNow Playing1hr 36minMade GuysRowsNow Playing1hr 23minRowsThe Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic TaleNow Playing1hr 36minThe Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic TalePounceNow Playing1hr 12minPounceStalking LauraNow Playing1hr 36minStalking LauraGreat American Sex ScandalNow Playing1hr 35minGreat American Sex ScandalStrange Tales from AppalachiaNow Playing1hr 36minStrange Tales from AppalachiaBallisticaNow Playing1hr 31minBallisticaThe TrialNow Playing2hr 1minThe TrialDark ExorcismNow Playing1hr 22minDark ExorcismFearNow Playing1hr 42minFearSole ProprietorNow Playing1hr 32minSole ProprietorThe River KingNow Playing1hr 40minThe River KingAbduction of AngieNow Playing1hr 28minAbduction of AngieAlgiersNow Playing1hr 40minAlgiersGo / Don't GoNow Playing1hr 32minGo / Don't GoParanormal ApparitionNow Playing1hr 26minParanormal ApparitionSubject TwoNow Playing1hr 34minSubject TwoHarlequin: A Change Of PlaceNow Playing1hr 32minHarlequin: A Change Of PlaceSherlock Holmes And The Shadow WatchersNow Playing1hr 2minSherlock Holmes And The Shadow WatchersPursuedNow Playing1hr 36minPursuedThe Double HourNow Playing1hr 37minThe Double HourThe Blazing CannonsNow Playing1hr 22minThe Blazing CannonsPINEVILLE HEISTNow Playing1hr 20minPINEVILLE HEISTKidnapped SoulsNow Playing1hr 25minKidnapped SoulsRigor MortisNow Playing1hr 42minRigor MortisThe AssentNow Playing1hr 28minThe AssentThe Man Who Knew Too MuchNow Playing1hr 16minThe Man Who Knew Too MuchStrangerlandNow Playing1hr 52minStrangerlandDown Among the Dead MenNow Playing1hr 34minDown Among the Dead MenAlien Domicile 2: Lot 24Now Playing1hr 14minAlien Domicile 2: Lot 24SeclusionNow Playing1hr 33minSeclusionI Am Not LorenaNow Playing1hr 33minI Am Not LorenaBlack DeathNow Playing1hr 42minBlack DeathA Dying ArtNow Playing1hr 29minA Dying ArtThe DarkNow Playing1hr 31minThe Dark

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Source CodeNow Playing1hr 33minSource CodeThe 6th DayNow Playing2hr 4minThe 6th DayKnowingNow Playing2hr 2minKnowingStarmanNow Playing1hr 55minStarman7 SecondsNow Playing1hr 36min7 SecondsStarship TroopersNow Playing2hr 10minStarship TroopersSilent Movie RenaissanceNow Playing1hr 11minSilent Movie RenaissanceAxcelleratorNow Playing1hr 32minAxcelleratorStolen InnocenceNow Playing1hr 35minStolen InnocenceParadox LostNow Playing1hr 34minParadox LostOrionNow Playing1hr 45minOrion666 A Demon WithinNow Playing1hr 43min666 A Demon WithinHow To Save UsNow Playing1hr 18minHow To Save UsChatterNow Playing1hr 21minChatterRobotech: The Shadow ChronicleNow Playing1hr 29minRobotech: The Shadow ChronicleSwarmedNow Playing1hr 37minSwarmedGeorge and the DragonNow Playing1hr 34minGeorge and the DragonLegend of the Demon SealNow Playing1hr 33minLegend of the Demon SealNight ZeroNow Playing1hr 22minNight ZeroThe Amazing Transparent ManNow Playing58minThe Amazing Transparent ManStregaNow Playing1hr 26minStregaThe HiveNow Playing1hr 32minThe HiveDaughter Of Dr. JekyllNow Playing1hr 10minDaughter Of Dr. JekyllProject MoonbaseNow Playing1hr 4minProject MoonbaseSanta Claus Conquers The MartiansNow Playing1hr 22minSanta Claus Conquers The MartiansNo Men Beyond This PointNow Playing1hr 21minNo Men Beyond This PointMystical Adventures of Billy Owens, TheNow Playing1hr 24minMystical Adventures of Billy Owens, TheHigher PowerNow Playing1hr 33minHigher PowerBlood MonkeyNow Playing1hr 30minBlood MonkeyFlash Gordon in Rocketship - Feature Version of the 1936 SerialNow Playing1hr 8minFlash Gordon in Rocketship - Feature Version of the 1936 SerialKing of Kong IslandNow Playing1hr 25minKing of Kong IslandThe Penitent ManNow Playing1hr 33minThe Penitent ManDinosaur IslandNow Playing1hr 23minDinosaur IslandI Am CursedNow Playing1hr 19minI Am CursedThe Unexpected RaceNow Playing1hr 33minThe Unexpected RaceRobin HoodNow Playing1hr 26minRobin HoodSabrina the Teenage WitchNow Playing1hr 31minSabrina the Teenage WitchPost ImpactNow Playing1hr 36minPost ImpactMarrowboneNow Playing1hr 51minMarrowboneAthenaNow Playing1hr 38minAthenaShockwave DarksideNow Playing1hr 31minShockwave DarksideThe AntennaNow Playing1hr 56minThe AntennaA Deadly VisionNow Playing1hr 33minA Deadly VisionThe Final CountdownNow Playing1hr 43minThe Final CountdownAladdin and His Magic LampNow Playing1hr 10minAladdin and His Magic LampThe Astral FactorNow Playing1hr 36minThe Astral FactorEgypt Exposed: The True Origins of CivilizationNow Playing1hr 22minEgypt Exposed: The True Origins of CivilizationThings To Come (in Color)Now Playing1hr 32minThings To Come (in Color)Bermuda TriangleNow Playing1hr 52minBermuda TriangleQuantum VoyageNow Playing1hr 52minQuantum Voyage


Iron BrothersNow Playing1hr 34minIron BrothersTo Hell and GoneNow Playing1hr 22minTo Hell and GoneGod's GunNow Playing1hr 37minGod's GunSanta Fe Trail - Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, Ronald Reagan, Restored & Unedited!Now Playing1hr 50minSanta Fe Trail - Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland, Ronald Reagan, Restored & Unedited!The Gold RetrieversNow Playing1hr 29minThe Gold RetrieversSodbustersNow Playing1hr 38minSodbustersThe Many Ghosts of the WestNow Playing1hr 5minThe Many Ghosts of the WestThe Proud and the DamnedNow Playing1hr 37minThe Proud and the DamnedThe Wyoming BanditNow Playing1hr 1minThe Wyoming BanditCheyenneNow Playing1hr 30minCheyenneFury At Furnace CreekNow Playing1hr 28minFury At Furnace CreekDay of the StrangerNow Playing1hr 18minDay of the StrangerThe PropositionNow Playing1hr 45minThe PropositionCavalry ChargeNow Playing1hr 27minCavalry ChargeKill CavalryNow Playing1hr 21minKill CavalryCuster's Last Stand (1936)Now Playing1hr 29minCuster's Last Stand (1936)John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara in McLintock! - The Uncut Classic With Bonus FootageNow Playing2hr 11minJohn Wayne & Maureen O'Hara in McLintock! - The Uncut Classic With Bonus FootageThey Call Me RenegadeNow Playing1hr 34minThey Call Me RenegadeBad Man's RiverNow Playing1hr 32minBad Man's RiverThe Judge of Harbor CountyNow Playing1hr 13minThe Judge of Harbor CountyHorse CrazyNow Playing1hr 26minHorse CrazyTide Of EmpireNow Playing1hr 12minTide Of EmpireWest of HellNow Playing1hr 21minWest of HellRage at Dawn (1955)Now Playing1hr 25minRage at Dawn (1955)The John Wayne Story, The Early YearsNow Playing1hr 21minThe John Wayne Story, The Early YearsGentlemen ExplorersNow Playing1hr 22minGentlemen ExplorersHooded AngelsNow Playing1hr 36minHooded AngelsAdios AmigoNow Playing1hr 30minAdios AmigoMade in JapanNow Playing1hr 33minMade in JapanThe Desert SouthwestNow Playing1hr 10minThe Desert SouthwestAdventures of Red RyderNow Playing3hr 32minAdventures of Red RyderYoung Guns Of TexasNow Playing1hr 15minYoung Guns Of TexasMy Name Is NobodyNow Playing1hr 56minMy Name Is NobodyCopper BillNow Playing1hr 25minCopper BillAbilene TownNow Playing1hr 30minAbilene TownConvict StageNow Playing1hr 12minConvict StageEminence HillNow Playing1hr 41minEminence HillCowboys and IndiansNow Playing1hr 26minCowboys and IndiansClearing the Range (1931)Now Playing1hr 3minClearing the Range (1931)Becoming Evil Serial Killers of the Old WestNow Playing1hr 49minBecoming Evil Serial Killers of the Old WestThe Big Trees - Kirk Douglas, Restored & Uncut Western EpicNow Playing1hr 30minThe Big Trees - Kirk Douglas, Restored & Uncut Western EpicDecision At SundownNow Playing1hr 18minDecision At SundownA Man Called HorseNow Playing1hr 56minA Man Called HorseFireTrailNow Playing1hr 22minFireTrailOne Eyed JacksNow Playing2hr 21minOne Eyed JacksGARDEN OF EVILNow Playing1hr 39minGARDEN OF EVILBountyNow Playing1hr 38minBountyWild GameNow Playing1hr 26minWild GameAnother Pair of AcesNow Playing1hr 34minAnother Pair of AcesThe Hanged ManNow Playing1hr 14minThe Hanged Man


HockneyNow Playing1hr 53minHockneyI Am the BluesNow Playing1hr 47minI Am the BluesA Life for BalletNow Playing2hr 1minA Life for BalletBosch: The Garden of DreamsNow Playing1hr 30minBosch: The Garden of DreamsA Life in Dirty MoviesNow Playing1hr 23minA Life in Dirty MoviesHitler's ChildrenNow Playing1hr 23minHitler's ChildrenFrantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskNow Playing1hr 12minFrantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskHands of GodNow Playing1hr 19minHands of GodI Am the BluesNow Playing1hr 47minI Am the BluesMinkowski SagaNow Playing1hr 26minMinkowski SagaNuclear NightmaresNow Playing1hr 29minNuclear NightmaresThe Notorious Mr. BoutNow Playing1hr 35minThe Notorious Mr. BoutThe Rising SunNow Playing1hr 19minThe Rising SunThe Seventh FireNow Playing1hr 16minThe Seventh FireStop Making SenseNow Playing1hr 29minStop Making SenseIf You Build ItNow Playing1hr 26minIf You Build ItA Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez StoryNow Playing1hr 19minA Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez StoryA Girl Like HerNow Playing1hr 32minA Girl Like HerThe First AmericanNow Playing1hr 35minThe First AmericanOur NixonNow Playing1hr 25minOur NixonKindness Is ContagiousNow Playing1hr 15minKindness Is ContagiousYou Don't Know Ivan JulianNow Playing54minYou Don't Know Ivan JulianAnything Boys Can DoNow Playing1hr 12minAnything Boys Can DoMaking Light In TerezinNow Playing1hr 29minMaking Light In TerezinBeauty Bites BeastNow Playing1hr 24minBeauty Bites BeastThe Freedom to MarryNow Playing1hr 27minThe Freedom to MarryYols And the Models Discover AustraliaNow Playing1hr 5minYols And the Models Discover AustraliaKatahdin: Mountain of the PeopleNow Playing50minKatahdin: Mountain of the PeopleBreaking Point: The War for Democracy in UkraineNow Playing1hr 38minBreaking Point: The War for Democracy in UkraineThe Legacy Of JedwabneNow Playing1hr 15minThe Legacy Of JedwabneLugosi: The Forgotten King of HorrorNow Playing1hr 22minLugosi: The Forgotten King of HorrorBeertickers: Beyond the AleNow Playing1hr 12minBeertickers: Beyond the AleManik Da: The Mystique of Pather PanchaliNow Playing1hr 7minManik Da: The Mystique of Pather PanchaliAnxious AmericaNow Playing60minAnxious AmericaSense The WindNow Playing55minSense The WindAlbert Fish: In Sin He Found SalvationNow Playing1hr 27minAlbert Fish: In Sin He Found SalvationWillard: The Hermit Of Gully LakeNow Playing1hr 14minWillard: The Hermit Of Gully LakeSecrets of the MasonsNow Playing58minSecrets of the MasonsThe Private Archives Of Pablo EscobarNow Playing55minThe Private Archives Of Pablo EscobarBeneath AlcatrazNow Playing51minBeneath AlcatrazZebrasNow Playing1hr 16minZebrasSleepwalkers Who KillNow Playing48minSleepwalkers Who KillWelcome Monsieur RobuchonNow Playing52minWelcome Monsieur RobuchonRing GirlsNow Playing1hr 24minRing GirlsThe Remarkable Life of John WeldNow Playing1hr 17minThe Remarkable Life of John WeldLa Classe de Madame LiseNow Playing1hr 30minLa Classe de Madame LiseThe Bribe or The BulletNow Playing52minThe Bribe or The BulletRobin Hood: The First Outlaw HeroNow Playing48minRobin Hood: The First Outlaw HeroHomeward BoundNow Playing1hr 36minHomeward BoundThe Prime MinistersNow Playing1hr 56minThe Prime Ministers


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