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Barely LegalIllegal for decades for many confusing reasons, the most glaring being systematic racism, cannabis remains barely legal.
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Barely LegalBarely LegalIllegal for decades for many confusing reasons, the most glaring being systematic racism, cannabis remains barely legal.0Knuckleball!Knuckleball!The definitive documentary about the impossible-to-hit pitch that recounts the 2011 journey of the last professional knuckleball pitchers.

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Barely LegalNow Playing1hr 25minBarely LegalTHE QUEST: NepalNow Playing1hr 12minTHE QUEST: NepalBlood Sweat and BeerNow Playing1hr 11minBlood Sweat and BeerBeing EvelNow Playing1hr 41minBeing EvelKnuckleball!Now Playing1hr 34minKnuckleball!Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed EverythingNow Playing54minWoodstock: 3 Days That Changed EverythingSilicon CowboysNow Playing1hr 18minSilicon CowboysFlint: The Poisoning of an American CityNow Playing1hr 26minFlint: The Poisoning of an American CityMy Hero the HitmanNow Playing1hr 15minMy Hero the HitmanU2: RockumentaryNow Playing44minU2: RockumentaryChernobyl: 30 Years OnNow Playing53minChernobyl: 30 Years OnGhostheadsNow Playing1hr 14minGhostheadsMagic TripNow Playing1hr 48minMagic TripCOCAINE COWBOYS 2: HUSTLIN' WITH THE GODMOTHERNow Playing1hr 40minCOCAINE COWBOYS 2: HUSTLIN' WITH THE GODMOTHERNuclear NightmaresNow Playing1hr 29minNuclear NightmaresThe Seventh FireNow Playing1hr 16minThe Seventh FireBosch: The Garden of DreamsNow Playing1hr 30minBosch: The Garden of DreamsThe Rising SunNow Playing1hr 19minThe Rising SunThe Notorious Mr. BoutNow Playing1hr 35minThe Notorious Mr. BoutHitler's ChildrenNow Playing1hr 23minHitler's ChildrenHockneyNow Playing1hr 53minHockneyFrantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskNow Playing1hr 12minFrantz Fanon: Black Skin, White MaskThe Rise and Fall of the ClashNow Playing1hr 37minThe Rise and Fall of the ClashTaxi To The Dark SideNow Playing1hr 47minTaxi To The Dark SideRiverdance In ChinaNow Playing53minRiverdance In ChinaHollywood Ghost StoriesNow Playing1hr 15minHollywood Ghost StoriesBacklot: San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Home Movies PanelNow Playing60minBacklot: San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Home Movies PanelBorn Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light KidsNow Playing1hr 24minBorn Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light KidsThe Guardian And His PoetNow Playing1hr 33minThe Guardian And His PoetDiana: Her True StoryNow Playing3hr 1minDiana: Her True StoryKindness Is ContagiousNow Playing1hr 15minKindness Is ContagiousA Girl Like HerNow Playing1hr 32minA Girl Like HerA Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez StoryNow Playing1hr 19minA Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez StoryStop Making SenseNow Playing1hr 29minStop Making SenseOur NixonNow Playing1hr 25minOur NixonThe First AmericanNow Playing1hr 35minThe First AmericanIf You Build ItNow Playing1hr 26minIf You Build ItGena Turgel, MBE - Interview with a Holocaust SurvivorNow Playing1hr 11minGena Turgel, MBE - Interview with a Holocaust SurvivorVoodoo MedicsNow Playing49minVoodoo MedicsArmstrongNow Playing1hr 40minArmstrongTiny Tim - The Luna Park MarathonNow Playing2hr 33minTiny Tim - The Luna Park MarathonRomania: Seeking Dracula's CastleNow Playing1hr 6minRomania: Seeking Dracula's CastleThe Freedom to MarryNow Playing1hr 27minThe Freedom to MarryThe Longest MonthNow Playing2hr 11minThe Longest MonthCrisis in CareNow Playing1hr 32minCrisis in Care

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The 41st DayNow Playing1hr 30minThe 41st DayRide Till I DieNow Playing1hr 38minRide Till I DieResurgenceNow Playing1hr 53minResurgenceFlatwoodsNow Playing1hr 3minFlatwoodsIT'S VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st CenturyNow Playing1hr 37minIT'S VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st CenturyWho Let the Dogs OutNow Playing1hr 1minWho Let the Dogs OutStronger by StressNow Playing1hr 28minStronger by StressBuilt Beautiful: An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story with Narration by Martha StewartNow Playing1hr 19minBuilt Beautiful: An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story with Narration by Martha StewartConversionNow Playing1hr 4minConversionFifty StepsNow Playing55minFifty StepsInside The JerseyNow Playing45minInside The JerseyFood WasteNow Playing57minFood WasteBig Top, Huf Haus, EconomiserNow Playing45minBig Top, Huf Haus, EconomiserThe Road To IsandhlwanaNow Playing48minThe Road To IsandhlwanaTwilight Of The ZulusNow Playing49minTwilight Of The ZulusAmazon, Monster Trucks, WhiskeyNow Playing45minAmazon, Monster Trucks, WhiskeyBoat Move, Vintage Cars, Wood ShipNow Playing45minBoat Move, Vintage Cars, Wood ShipScottish BraveheartsNow Playing45minScottish BraveheartsYacht Deck, Drag Racing, HermesNow Playing45minYacht Deck, Drag Racing, HermesAircraft Gun, Ice Sculpture, LodgeNow Playing45minAircraft Gun, Ice Sculpture, LodgeMessenger Statue, Steam Fair, Lego DinosaursNow Playing45minMessenger Statue, Steam Fair, Lego DinosaursBeer Silo, Plane Bar, Steam TrainNow Playing45minBeer Silo, Plane Bar, Steam TrainThe Washing Of The SpearsNow Playing50minThe Washing Of The SpearsCivilizationNow Playing59minCivilizationRuss Chris and JemmaNow Playing43minRuss Chris and JemmaCorbett Country: In search of TigerNow Playing49minCorbett Country: In search of TigerPrison Performing Arts: The Voice WithinNow Playing1hr 23minPrison Performing Arts: The Voice WithinAn American TragedyNow Playing1hr 21minAn American TragedyIt's CriminalNow Playing1hr 18minIt's CriminalFacing CancerNow Playing1hr 15minFacing CancerReasons to BelieveNow Playing1hr 3minReasons to BelieveThe AwakeningNow Playing1hr 34minThe AwakeningWadjemup: Black Prison White PlaygroundNow Playing59minWadjemup: Black Prison White PlaygroundHeroes of the SommeNow Playing60minHeroes of the SommeThe Monopoly On ViolenceNow Playing1hr 46minThe Monopoly On ViolenceDiving With CrocodilesNow Playing51minDiving With CrocodilesHeart of The BearNow Playing1hr 14minHeart of The BearTalking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden KingdomNow Playing59minTalking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden KingdomKling: A Teacher Who Defied the SystemNow Playing1hr 1minKling: A Teacher Who Defied the SystemAmerica's Most Haunted InnsNow Playing57minAmerica's Most Haunted InnsFlowstate: The FPV Drone DocumentaryNow Playing1hr 33minFlowstate: The FPV Drone DocumentaryThe Boy Who Found GoldNow Playing1hr 48minThe Boy Who Found GoldWe Don't Deserve DogsNow Playing1hr 25minWe Don't Deserve DogsMister Candid CameraNow Playing1hr 29minMister Candid CameraTrekkiesNow Playing1hr 27minTrekkiesDiana: Queen Of HeartsNow Playing1hr 33minDiana: Queen Of HeartsFresh DressedNow Playing1hr 24minFresh DressedThe Murder Network - A Serial Killer in Nazi ParisNow Playing1hr 11minThe Murder Network - A Serial Killer in Nazi ParisButcher's Bake Off: Hell's KitchenNow Playing1hr 15minButcher's Bake Off: Hell's KitchenZombie Lust: Night FleshNow Playing1hr 3minZombie Lust: Night Flesh

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Wrestled Away: The Lee Kemp StoryNow Playing1hr 10minWrestled Away: The Lee Kemp StoryYou Will Never Walk AloneNow Playing1hr 32minYou Will Never Walk AloneOlympic Pride, American PrejudiceNow Playing1hr 20minOlympic Pride, American PrejudiceHardball: The Girls of SummerNow Playing1hr 15minHardball: The Girls of SummerMen In The ArenaNow Playing1hr 27minMen In The ArenaCharlotte Who? A Gaelic Football Story in AmericaNow Playing1hr 18minCharlotte Who? A Gaelic Football Story in AmericaReach for the RingsNow Playing1hr 58minReach for the RingsTop Ten Hotel SuitesNow Playing51minTop Ten Hotel SuitesHavana Motor ClubNow Playing1hr 25minHavana Motor ClubEpisode 14Now Playing1hr 24minEpisode 14Loopers: The Caddie's Long WalkNow Playing1hr 21minLoopers: The Caddie's Long WalkEpisode 2Now Playing60minEpisode 2THE QUEST: NepalNow Playing1hr 12minTHE QUEST: NepalIce GuardiansNow Playing1hr 49minIce GuardiansCaffeine & Gasoline - The Evolution Of The American RockerNow Playing1hr 4minCaffeine & Gasoline - The Evolution Of The American RockerHigh LifeNow Playing1hr 16minHigh LifeThe Big OneNow Playing1hr 8minThe Big OneNurpuNow Playing58minNurpuSweaty BettyNow Playing1hr 36minSweaty Betty4 Minute MileNow Playing1hr 37min4 Minute MileFlatball: The History of Ultimate FrisbeeNow Playing1hr 31minFlatball: The History of Ultimate FrisbeeFittest on Earth 2015Now Playing1hr 45minFittest on Earth 2015The WayNow Playing1hr 14minThe Way350 DaysNow Playing1hr 49min350 DaysEvents Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball GameNow Playing1hr 16minEvents Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball GameNfinity Champions League 2014Now Playing2hr 1minNfinity Champions League 2014Saint RalphNow Playing1hr 39minSaint RalphThe FittestNow Playing1hr 57minThe FittestSpeed of OrangeNow Playing1hr 30minSpeed of OrangeAnabolic LifeNow Playing1hr 28minAnabolic LifeGiants Being LonelyNow Playing1hr 19minGiants Being LonelyTop Ten Ways to WinNow Playing51minTop Ten Ways to WinKnuckleball!Now Playing1hr 34minKnuckleball!Live The Stream: The Story of Joe HumphreysNow Playing1hr 33minLive The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys4th And GoalNow Playing1hr 32min4th And GoalInside My BordersNow Playing56minInside My BordersMy Hero the HitmanNow Playing1hr 15minMy Hero the HitmanFittest on Earth: A Decade of FitnessNow Playing1hr 56minFittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness1 MountainNow Playing1hr 12min1 MountainMaking Coco: The Grant Fuhr StoryNow Playing1hr 13minMaking Coco: The Grant Fuhr StoryAnnie ONow Playing1hr 36minAnnie OFittest in DubaiNow Playing1hr 1minFittest in DubaiJack Of All TradesNow Playing1hr 26minJack Of All TradesWays to Spend a MillionNow Playing51minWays to Spend a MillionThe Rocky Mountain Fly HighwayNow Playing47minThe Rocky Mountain Fly HighwayThe 60 Yard LineNow Playing1hr 39minThe 60 Yard LineEpisode 2Now Playing49minEpisode 2Weird and Wonderful VegasNow Playing51minWeird and Wonderful VegasLads and JockeysNow Playing1hr 39minLads and JockeysFloat Like A ButterflyNow Playing1hr 42minFloat Like A Butterfly

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It All Begins With a Song: The Story of a Nashville SongwriterNow Playing1hr 28minIt All Begins With a Song: The Story of a Nashville SongwriterGeorge Kahumoku Jr. Seeds of AlohaNow Playing1hr 49minGeorge Kahumoku Jr. Seeds of AlohaGlen Campbell: Live Anthology (1972-2001)Now Playing1hr 11minGlen Campbell: Live Anthology (1972-2001)The Female Voice Of IranNow Playing1hr 16minThe Female Voice Of IranLife GoalsNow Playing21minLife GoalsRihanna: No RegretsNow Playing1hr 2minRihanna: No RegretsPharrell Williams: Happy Go LuckyNow Playing1hr 1minPharrell Williams: Happy Go LuckyChristina Aguilera: Pop DivaNow Playing45minChristina Aguilera: Pop DivaSwedish House Mafia: Leave The World BehindNow Playing1hr 35minSwedish House Mafia: Leave The World BehindCool DaddyNow Playing1hr 19minCool DaddyWorld Ascension TourNow Playing57minWorld Ascension TourGraffiti Stories: From Dark Alleys to Bright FuturesNow Playing30minGraffiti Stories: From Dark Alleys to Bright FuturesAlbert E. Brumley: Songwriter of the OzarksNow Playing24minAlbert E. Brumley: Songwriter of the OzarksSonoran VistasNow Playing1hr 2minSonoran VistasKanye West: SaintNow Playing59minKanye West: SaintJust a Little SuccessNow Playing60minJust a Little SuccessBODY AND SOULNow Playing58minBODY AND SOULPassion is the MoneyNow Playing1hr 15minPassion is the MoneyFleetwood Mac: Unbroken ChainNow Playing49minFleetwood Mac: Unbroken ChainHit So HardNow Playing1hr 44minHit So HardJustin Timberlake: Suited UpNow Playing1hr 1minJustin Timberlake: Suited UpRosetta: Audio/VisualNow Playing1hr 5minRosetta: Audio/VisualA Warehouse on TchoupitoulasNow Playing1hr 16minA Warehouse on TchoupitoulasNow More Than Ever: The History of ChicagoNow Playing1hr 54minNow More Than Ever: The History of ChicagoPrince - Slave TradeNow Playing2hr 49minPrince - Slave TradeSonny Rollins - Saxophone ColossusNow Playing1hr 41minSonny Rollins - Saxophone ColossusAlmost Almost FamousNow Playing1hr 24minAlmost Almost FamousJourney's Thru Da MicNow Playing1hr 11minJourney's Thru Da MicHype!Now Playing1hr 23minHype!B.B. King Life Of RileyNow Playing1hr 59minB.B. King Life Of RileyOne Direction: Reaching For The StarsNow Playing1hr 9minOne Direction: Reaching For The StarsHeavy Metal Parking LotNow Playing17minHeavy Metal Parking LotForgotten Movie Music, 1929-1958Now Playing1hr 18minForgotten Movie Music, 1929-1958Finding Joseph I: The HR From Bad Brains DocumentaryNow Playing1hr 32minFinding Joseph I: The HR From Bad Brains DocumentaryEric Sardinas and Big Motor - LiveNow Playing46minEric Sardinas and Big Motor - LiveMaking WavesNow Playing1hr 35minMaking WavesBieber GenerationNow Playing1hr 8minBieber GenerationDo U Want It?Now Playing1hr 37minDo U Want It?My GenerationNow Playing1hr 26minMy GenerationNaked Cowboy: The Origin StoryNow Playing1hr 26minNaked Cowboy: The Origin StoryHumanite, the Beloved CommunityNow Playing1hr 9minHumanite, the Beloved CommunityPhilly Uncut IIINow Playing1hr 10minPhilly Uncut IIIBruno Mars: The FinestNow Playing59minBruno Mars: The FinestU2: RockumentaryNow Playing44minU2: RockumentaryMiley Cyrus: ExplicitNow Playing58minMiley Cyrus: ExplicitMuscle ShoalsNow Playing1hr 52minMuscle ShoalsTom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down A DreamNow Playing3hr 59minTom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down A DreamNo Time For QuietNow Playing1hr 21minNo Time For QuietWackenNow Playing1hr 36minWackenAmerican SongwriterNow Playing56minAmerican Songwriter

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Passport To The World: PeruNow Playing1hr 15minPassport To The World: PeruMuttNow Playing56minMuttBad Hombres: A Baja AdventureNow Playing46minBad Hombres: A Baja AdventureViewer Direction AdvisedNow Playing1hr 28minViewer Direction AdvisedBanana in a NutshellNow Playing1hr 24minBanana in a NutshellWhat Lies Inside: Healing in the Face of TraumaNow Playing2hr 8minWhat Lies Inside: Healing in the Face of TraumaMeruNow Playing1hr 31minMeruThe Rolling Stones: Some Girls - Live in Texas '78Now Playing1hr 26minThe Rolling Stones: Some Girls - Live in Texas '78Nuclear NightmaresNow Playing1hr 29minNuclear NightmaresThe Real Sleeping BeautyNow Playing47minThe Real Sleeping BeautyWorld of DarknessNow Playing1hr 26minWorld of DarknessThe Half-Life of GeniusNow Playing1hr 55minThe Half-Life of GeniusOn Her OwnNow Playing1hr 21minOn Her OwnExcavating The 2000 Year Old ManNow Playing44minExcavating The 2000 Year Old ManDefying All OddsNow Playing1hr 12minDefying All OddsBloody Sin: Abominations of the Third ReichNow Playing1hr 36minBloody Sin: Abominations of the Third ReichRiverdance: The Ten YearsNow Playing1hr 4minRiverdance: The Ten YearsFake BloodNow Playing1hr 22minFake BloodRich Mullins: A Ragamuffin's LegacyNow Playing2hr 5minRich Mullins: A Ragamuffin's LegacyKeepers of the MagicNow Playing1hr 28minKeepers of the MagicStunning Mammals and Birds: AustraliaNow Playing49minStunning Mammals and Birds: AustraliaThe Lovers & the DespotNow Playing1hr 39minThe Lovers & the DespotHome PageNow Playing1hr 43minHome PageFixing GrandmaNow Playing41minFixing GrandmaBacklot: The Aquabats! Super Show! Super Special!Now Playing45minBacklot: The Aquabats! Super Show! Super Special!Iraq For Sale: The War ProfiteersNow Playing1hr 16minIraq For Sale: The War ProfiteersSerial Killer CultureNow Playing1hr 51minSerial Killer CultureThe Strange Life of Dr. FrankensteinNow Playing55minThe Strange Life of Dr. FrankensteinThe PrincipleNow Playing1hr 29minThe PrincipleOregon Home of Bigfoot?Now Playing52minOregon Home of Bigfoot?Episode 4Now Playing44minEpisode 4Running For FreedomNow Playing1hr 38minRunning For FreedomInside The JerseyNow Playing45minInside The JerseyBeyond FoodNow Playing1hr 33minBeyond FoodLight in the WaterNow Playing1hr 15minLight in the WaterForgotten TV WesternsNow Playing1hr 50minForgotten TV WesternsD'artagnan is the ChampionNow Playing1hr 15minD'artagnan is the ChampionCrimes Of PassionNow Playing49minCrimes Of PassionVintage TomorrowsNow Playing1hr 8minVintage TomorrowsNew Orleans Music In ExileNow Playing1hr 53minNew Orleans Music In ExileDreams and Memories of Where the Red Fern GrowsNow Playing47minDreams and Memories of Where the Red Fern GrowsSteve and JoeNow Playing43minSteve and JoeMondovinoNow Playing2hr 17minMondovinoSparkling - The Story Of ChampagneNow Playing1hr 33minSparkling - The Story Of ChampagneCurse of the ShaolinNow Playing1hr 16minCurse of the ShaolinA Coat of Many CountriesNow Playing45minA Coat of Many CountriesMining Towns of the Rocky MountainsNow Playing1hr 12minMining Towns of the Rocky MountainsI'm a GunNow Playing1hr 24minI'm a GunGood Ol' FredaNow Playing1hr 27minGood Ol' FredaHitler: The WolfNow Playing53minHitler: The Wolf