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Whose Line Is It Anyway?Now PlayingWhose Line Is It Anyway?"Superheroes"; "Sound Effects"; "Quiz Show"; "Hey You Down There"; "World's Worst"; "Props"; "Three of a Kind"; "Weird Newscasters."Restart available0Whose Line Is It Anyway?Whose Line Is It Anyway?Rory Bremner, Stephen Frost, Stephen Fry, Josie Lawrence, Michael McShane, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and more.

ALF Seasons 1-2

ALF: S1 E1 - A.L.F.Now Playing21minALF: S1 E1 - A.L.F.ALF: S1 E2 - Strangers in the NightNow Playing22minALF: S1 E2 - Strangers in the NightALF: S1 E3 - Looking for LuckyNow Playing22minALF: S1 E3 - Looking for LuckyALF: S1 E4 - Pennsylvania 6-5000Now Playing21minALF: S1 E4 - Pennsylvania 6-5000ALF: S1 E5 - Keepin' the FaithNow Playing22minALF: S1 E5 - Keepin' the FaithALF: S1 E6 - For Your Eyes OnlyNow Playing21minALF: S1 E6 - For Your Eyes OnlyALF: S1 E7 - Help Me, RhondaNow Playing21minALF: S1 E7 - Help Me, RhondaALF: S1 E8 - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?Now Playing21minALF: S1 E8 - Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?ALF: S1 E9 - JumpNow Playing22minALF: S1 E9 - JumpALF: S1 E10 - Baby, You Can Drive My CarNow Playing22minALF: S1 E10 - Baby, You Can Drive My CarALF: S1 E11 - On the Road AgainNow Playing22minALF: S1 E11 - On the Road AgainALF: S1 E12 - Oh, TannerbaumNow Playing22minALF: S1 E12 - Oh, TannerbaumALF: S1 E13 - Mother and Child ReunionNow Playing22minALF: S1 E13 - Mother and Child ReunionALF: S1 E14 - A Little Bit of SoapNow Playing22minALF: S1 E14 - A Little Bit of SoapALF: S2 E14 - Can I Get a Witness?Now Playing22minALF: S2 E14 - Can I Get a Witness?ALF: S1 E15 - I've Got a New AttitudeNow Playing22minALF: S1 E15 - I've Got a New AttitudeALF: S1 E16 - Try to RememberNow Playing46minALF: S1 E16 - Try to RememberALF: S2 E16 - Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 1Now Playing22minALF: S2 E16 - Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 1ALF: S1 E17 - Border SongNow Playing22minALF: S1 E17 - Border SongALF: S2 E17 - Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 2Now Playing22minALF: S2 E17 - Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 2ALF: S1 E18 - Wild ThingNow Playing19minALF: S1 E18 - Wild ThingALF: S1 E19 - Going Out of My Head Over YouNow Playing22minALF: S1 E19 - Going Out of My Head Over YouALF: S2 E19 - You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound DogNow Playing22minALF: S2 E19 - You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound DogALF: S1 E20 - Lookin' Through the WindowsNow Playing22minALF: S1 E20 - Lookin' Through the WindowsALF: S1 E21 - It Isn't Easy Bein' GreenNow Playing21minALF: S1 E21 - It Isn't Easy Bein' GreenALF: S1 E22 - The GamblerNow Playing22minALF: S1 E22 - The GamblerALF: S1 E23 - Weird ScienceNow Playing22minALF: S1 E23 - Weird ScienceALF: S1 E24 - La CucarachaNow Playing22minALF: S1 E24 - La CucarachaALF: S1 E25 - Come Fly with MeNow Playing21minALF: S1 E25 - Come Fly with MeALF: S2 E1 - Working My Way Back to YouNow Playing21minALF: S2 E1 - Working My Way Back to YouALF: S2 E2 - Somewhere Over the RerunNow Playing21minALF: S2 E2 - Somewhere Over the RerunALF: S2 E3 - Take a Look at Me NowNow Playing22minALF: S2 E3 - Take a Look at Me NowALF: S2 E4 - Wedding Bell BluesNow Playing22minALF: S2 E4 - Wedding Bell BluesALF: S2 E5 - Prime TimeNow Playing22minALF: S2 E5 - Prime TimeALF: S2 E6 - Some Enchanted EveningNow Playing22minALF: S2 E6 - Some Enchanted EveningALF: S2 E7 - Oh, Pretty WomanNow Playing22minALF: S2 E7 - Oh, Pretty WomanALF: S2 E8 - Something's Wrong with MeNow Playing22minALF: S2 E8 - Something's Wrong with MeALF: S2 E9 - Night TrainNow Playing20minALF: S2 E9 - Night TrainALF: S2 E10 - Isn't It Romantic?Now Playing22minALF: S2 E10 - Isn't It Romantic?ALF: S2 E11 - Hail to the ChiefNow Playing22minALF: S2 E11 - Hail to the ChiefALF: S2 E12 - ALF's Special ChristmasNow Playing48minALF: S2 E12 - ALF's Special ChristmasALF: S2 E13 - The Boy Next DoorNow Playing22minALF: S2 E13 - The Boy Next DoorALF: S2 E15 - We're So Sorry, Uncle AlbertNow Playing22minALF: S2 E15 - We're So Sorry, Uncle AlbertALF: S2 E18 - We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceNow Playing22minALF: S2 E18 - We Gotta Get Out of This PlaceALF: S2 E20 - Hit Me with Your Best ShotNow Playing22minALF: S2 E20 - Hit Me with Your Best ShotALF: S2 E21 - Movin' OutNow Playing22minALF: S2 E21 - Movin' OutALF: S2 E22 - I'm Your PuppetNow Playing22minALF: S2 E22 - I'm Your PuppetALF: S2 E23 - TequilaNow Playing22minALF: S2 E23 - TequilaALF: S2 E24 - We Are FamilyNow Playing22minALF: S2 E24 - We Are FamilyALF: S2 E25 - Varsity DragNow Playing22minALF: S2 E25 - Varsity Drag

ALF Seasons 3-4

ALF: S3 E1 - Stop in the Name of LoveNow Playing22minALF: S3 E1 - Stop in the Name of LoveALF: S3 E2 - Stairway to HeavenNow Playing22minALF: S3 E2 - Stairway to HeavenALF: S3 E3 - Breaking Up Is Hard to DoNow Playing22minALF: S3 E3 - Breaking Up Is Hard to DoALF: S3 E4 - Tonight, TonightNow Playing39minALF: S3 E4 - Tonight, TonightALF: S3 E5 - Promises, PromisesNow Playing22minALF: S3 E5 - Promises, PromisesALF: S3 E6 - Turkey in the Straw: Part 1Now Playing21minALF: S3 E6 - Turkey in the Straw: Part 1ALF: S3 E7 - Turkey in the Straw: Part 2Now Playing22minALF: S3 E7 - Turkey in the Straw: Part 2ALF: S3 E8 - ChangesNow Playing22minALF: S3 E8 - ChangesALF: S3 E9 - My Back PagesNow Playing22minALF: S3 E9 - My Back PagesALF: S3 E10 - Alone Again, NaturallyNow Playing20minALF: S3 E10 - Alone Again, NaturallyALF: S3 E11 - Do You Believe in Magic?Now Playing22minALF: S3 E11 - Do You Believe in Magic?ALF: S3 E12 - Hide AwayNow Playing22minALF: S3 E12 - Hide AwayALF: S3 E13 - Fight BackNow Playing22minALF: S3 E13 - Fight BackALF: S3 E14 - Suspicious MindsNow Playing22minALF: S3 E14 - Suspicious MindsALF: S3 E15 - Baby LoveNow Playing22minALF: S3 E15 - Baby LoveALF: S3 E16 - Running ScaredNow Playing22minALF: S3 E16 - Running ScaredALF: S3 E17 - Standing in the Shadows of LoveNow Playing22minALF: S3 E17 - Standing in the Shadows of LoveALF: S3 E18 - SuperstitionNow Playing21minALF: S3 E18 - SuperstitionALF: S3 E19 - Torn Between Two LoversNow Playing22minALF: S3 E19 - Torn Between Two LoversALF: S3 E20 - Funeral for a FriendNow Playing22minALF: S3 E20 - Funeral for a FriendALF: S3 E21 - Don't Be Afraid of the DarkNow Playing22minALF: S3 E21 - Don't Be Afraid of the DarkALF: S3 E22 - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?Now Playing22minALF: S3 E22 - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?ALF: S3 E23 - Like an Old Time MovieNow Playing22minALF: S3 E23 - Like an Old Time MovieALF: S3 E24 - Shake, Rattle and RollNow Playing22minALF: S3 E24 - Shake, Rattle and RollALF: S3 E25 - Having My BabyNow Playing21minALF: S3 E25 - Having My BabyALF: S4 E1 - Baby, Come BackNow Playing22minALF: S4 E1 - Baby, Come BackALF: S4 E2 - LiesNow Playing22minALF: S4 E2 - LiesALF: S4 E3 - Wanted: Dead or AliveNow Playing22minALF: S4 E3 - Wanted: Dead or AliveALF: S4 E4 - We're in the MoneyNow Playing21minALF: S4 E4 - We're in the MoneyALF: S4 E5 - Mind GamesNow Playing22minALF: S4 E5 - Mind GamesALF: S4 E6 - Hooked on a FeelingNow Playing22minALF: S4 E6 - Hooked on a FeelingALF: S4 E7 - He Ain't Heavy, He's Willie's BrotherNow Playing22minALF: S4 E7 - He Ain't Heavy, He's Willie's BrotherALF: S4 E8 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceNow Playing22minALF: S4 E8 - The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceALF: S4 E9 - Live and Let DieNow Playing22minALF: S4 E9 - Live and Let DieALF: S4 E10 - Break Up to Make UpNow Playing21minALF: S4 E10 - Break Up to Make UpALF: S4 E11 - Happy TogetherNow Playing22minALF: S4 E11 - Happy TogetherALF: S4 E12 - FeverNow Playing22minALF: S4 E12 - FeverALF: S4 E13 - It's My PartyNow Playing22minALF: S4 E13 - It's My PartyALF: S4 E14 - Make 'em LaughNow Playing24minALF: S4 E14 - Make 'em LaughALF: S4 E15 - Love on the RocksNow Playing22minALF: S4 E15 - Love on the RocksALF: S4 E16 - True ColorsNow Playing22minALF: S4 E16 - True ColorsALF: S4 E17 - Gimme That Old Time ReligionNow Playing22minALF: S4 E17 - Gimme That Old Time ReligionALF: S4 E18 - Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear ShadesNow Playing22minALF: S4 E18 - Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear ShadesALF: S4 E19 - When I'm 64Now Playing22minALF: S4 E19 - When I'm 64ALF: S4 E20 - Mr. SandmanNow Playing22minALF: S4 E20 - Mr. SandmanALF: S4 E21 - Stayin' AliveNow Playing22minALF: S4 E21 - Stayin' AliveALF: S4 E22 - Hungry Like the WolfNow Playing22minALF: S4 E22 - Hungry Like the WolfALF: S4 E23 - I Gotta Be MeNow Playing22minALF: S4 E23 - I Gotta Be MeALF: S4 E24 - Consider Me GoneNow Playing21minALF: S4 E24 - Consider Me Gone

The PJs

Hangin' with the SuperNow Playing23minHangin' with the SuperBone, Bugs 'N' HarmonyNow Playing23minBone, Bugs 'N' HarmonyThe DoorNow Playing23minThe DoorJournal FeverNow Playing23minJournal FeverRich Man, Porn ManNow Playing23minRich Man, Porn ManBougie NightsNow Playing23minBougie NightsA Hero Ain't Nothin' But a SuperNow Playing23minA Hero Ain't Nothin' But a SuperHe's Gotta Have ItNow Playing23minHe's Gotta Have ItBoyz 'N the WoodsNow Playing23minBoyz 'N the WoodsOperation Gumbo DropNow Playing23minOperation Gumbo DropU Go KartNow Playing23minU Go KartHouse PottyNow Playing23minHouse PottyHow the Super Stoled ChristmasNow Playing23minHow the Super Stoled ChristmasHome School DazeNow Playing23minHome School DazeThe Postman's Always Shot TwiceNow Playing23minThe Postman's Always Shot TwiceThe Preacher's LifeNow Playing23minThe Preacher's LifeThe HJsNow Playing23minThe HJsHaiti and the TrampNow Playing23minHaiti and the TrampSmokey the SquatterNow Playing23minSmokey the SquatterWeave's Have a DreamNow Playing23minWeave's Have a DreamLet's Get Ready to CrumbleNow Playing23minLet's Get Ready to CrumbleWho Da BossNow Playing23minWho Da BossFear of a Black RatNow Playing23minFear of a Black RatGhetto SuperstarsNow Playing23minGhetto SuperstarsWhat's Eating Juicy HudsonNow Playing23minWhat's Eating Juicy HudsonThe JeffersonsNow Playing23minThe JeffersonsRobbin' HudNow Playing23minRobbin' HudCliffhangin' with Mr. SuperNow Playing23minCliffhangin' with Mr. SuperThe Last Affiramative Action HeroNow Playing23minThe Last Affiramative Action HeroA Parole Officer and a GentlemanNow Playing23minA Parole Officer and a GentlemanBoyz Under the HoodNow Playing23minBoyz Under the HoodScarthroatNow Playing23minScarthroatSmoke Gets in Your High-RiseNow Playing23minSmoke Gets in Your High-RiseNat'l Buffoon's European VacationNow Playing23minNat'l Buffoon's European VacationCruising for BluesingNow Playing23minCruising for BluesingIt Takes a ThurgoodNow Playing23minIt Takes a ThurgoodMiracle Cleaner on 134th StreetNow Playing23minMiracle Cleaner on 134th StreetSurvival: In Tha HoodNow Playing23minSurvival: In Tha HoodLet's Get Ready to RumbaNow Playing23minLet's Get Ready to RumbaA Race to His CreditNow Playing23minA Race to His CreditReed Man's BurdenNow Playing23minReed Man's BurdenClip ShowNow Playing23minClip Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Sick Boy and The SitterNow Playing26minThe Sick Boy and The SitterMy Blonde-Haired BrunetteNow Playing26minMy Blonde-Haired BrunetteSally and the Lab TechnicianNow Playing26minSally and the Lab TechnicianWashington vs. the BunnyNow Playing26minWashington vs. the BunnyOh How We Met the Night That We DancedNow Playing26minOh How We Met the Night That We DancedHarrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, MONow Playing26minHarrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, MOJealousy!Now Playing26minJealousy!To Tell or Not to TellNow Playing27minTo Tell or Not to TellThe Unwelcome HouseguestNow Playing26minThe Unwelcome HouseguestThe Meershaltz PipeNow Playing27minThe Meershaltz PipeForty-Four TicketsNow Playing27minForty-Four TicketsEmpress Carlotta's NecklaceNow Playing26minEmpress Carlotta's NecklaceSally Is a GirlNow Playing27minSally Is a GirlBuddy, Can You Spare a Job?Now Playing26minBuddy, Can You Spare a Job?Where Did I Come From?Now Playing26minWhere Did I Come From?The Curious Thing About WomenNow Playing26minThe Curious Thing About WomenPunch Thy NeighborNow Playing26minPunch Thy NeighborWho Owes Who What?Now Playing26minWho Owes Who What?The Talented NeighborhoodNow Playing27minThe Talented NeighborhoodA Word A DayNow Playing27minA Word A DayThe Boarder IncidentNow Playing27minThe Boarder IncidentFather of the WeekNow Playing26minFather of the WeekThe TwizzleNow Playing27minThe TwizzleOne Angry ManNow Playing26minOne Angry ManWhere You Been, Fassbinder?Now Playing27minWhere You Been, Fassbinder?I Am My Brother's KeeperNow Playing26minI Am My Brother's KeeperThe Sleeping BrotherNow Playing26minThe Sleeping BrotherThe Bad Old DaysNow Playing26minThe Bad Old DaysSol and the SponsorNow Playing26minSol and the SponsorThe Return of Happy SpanglerNow Playing26minThe Return of Happy SpanglerNever Name a DuckNow Playing26minNever Name a DuckThe Two Faces of RobNow Playing26minThe Two Faces of RobThe Attempted MarriageNow Playing26minThe Attempted MarriageBank Book 6565696Now Playing26minBank Book 6565696Hustling the HustlerNow Playing26minHustling the HustlerMy Husband Is Not a DrunkNow Playing26minMy Husband Is Not a DrunkWhat's in a Middle Name?Now Playing26minWhat's in a Middle Name?Like a SisterNow Playing26minLike a SisterThe Night the Roof Fell InNow Playing26minThe Night the Roof Fell InThe Secret Life of Buddy and SallyNow Playing26minThe Secret Life of Buddy and SallyA Bird in the Head HurtsNow Playing26minA Bird in the Head HurtsGesundheit, DarlingNow Playing26minGesundheit, DarlingA Man's Teeth Are Not His OwnNow Playing26minA Man's Teeth Are Not His OwnSomebody Has to Play CleopatraNow Playing26minSomebody Has to Play CleopatraThe Cat BurglarNow Playing26minThe Cat BurglarThe Foul Weather GirlNow Playing26minThe Foul Weather GirlWill You Be My Wife?Now Playing26minWill You Be My Wife?Ray Murdock's X-RayNow Playing26minRay Murdock's X-RayI Was a Teenage Head WriterNow Playing26minI Was a Teenage Head WriterIt May Look Like a WalnutNow Playing26minIt May Look Like a Walnut

Family Affair, Part 1

BuffyNow Playing26minBuffyJody and CissyNow Playing26minJody and CissyThe Gift HorseNow Playing26minThe Gift HorseThe Matter of SchoolNow Playing26minThe Matter of SchoolMarmaladeNow Playing26minMarmaladeRoom with a ViewpointNow Playing25minRoom with a ViewpointMrs. Beasley, Where Are You?Now Playing26minMrs. Beasley, Where Are You?Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?Now Playing26minWho's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?A Matter for ExpertsNow Playing26minA Matter for ExpertsBeware the Other WomanNow Playing26minBeware the Other WomanTake Two AspirinNow Playing26minTake Two AspirinLove Me, Love Me NotNow Playing26minLove Me, Love Me NotThe Thursday ManNow Playing26minThe Thursday ManThink DeepNow Playing26minThink DeepHard Hat JodyNow Playing26minHard Hat JodyThat Was the Dinner That Wasn'tNow Playing26minThat Was the Dinner That Wasn'tAll Around the TownNow Playing26minAll Around the TownOne for the Little BoyNow Playing26minOne for the Little BoyFancy FreeNow Playing26minFancy FreeA Helping HandNow Playing26minA Helping HandOnce in Love with BuffyNow Playing26minOnce in Love with BuffyBallerina BuffyNow Playing26minBallerina BuffyThe Mother TongueNow Playing26minThe Mother TongueEverybody Needs SomebodyNow Playing26minEverybody Needs SomebodyThe Way It WasNow Playing26minThe Way It WasAll Nephews Are Created EqualNow Playing26minAll Nephews Are Created EqualThe PrizeNow Playing26minThe PrizeWhat Did You Do in the West, Uncle?Now Playing26minWhat Did You Do in the West, Uncle?The AwardNow Playing26minThe AwardThe Butler MethodNow Playing26minThe Butler MethodBirds, Bees and BuffyNow Playing26minBirds, Bees and BuffyFirst LoveNow Playing26minFirst LoveGo Home, Mr. FrenchNow Playing26minGo Home, Mr. FrenchArthur, the Invisible BearNow Playing26minArthur, the Invisible BearThe Other CheekNow Playing26minThe Other CheekThe Candy StriperNow Playing26minThe Candy StriperFat, Fat, the Water RatNow Playing26minFat, Fat, the Water RatThe Toy BoxNow Playing26minThe Toy BoxTake Me out of the BallgameNow Playing26minTake Me out of the BallgameYou Like Buffy BetterNow Playing26minYou Like Buffy BetterFreddieNow Playing26minFreddieOur Friend StanleyNow Playing26minOur Friend StanleySomebody UpstairsNow Playing26minSomebody UpstairsStar DustNow Playing26minStar DustBest of BreedNow Playing26minBest of BreedFamily ReunionNow Playing26minFamily ReunionA Man's PlaceNow Playing26minA Man's PlaceThe Great Kow-TowNow Playing26minThe Great Kow-TowThe Fish WatchersNow Playing26minThe Fish WatchersThe Day Nothing HappenedNow Playing26minThe Day Nothing Happened

Family Affair, Part 2

A House in the CountryNow Playing26minA House in the CountryA Matter of TonsilsNow Playing26minA Matter of TonsilsA Member of the FamilyNow Playing26minA Member of the FamilyHis and HersNow Playing26minHis and HersThe New CissyNow Playing26minThe New CissyThe Family OutingNow Playing26minThe Family OutingMr. French's HolidayNow Playing26minMr. French's HolidayThe Beasley StoryNow Playing26minThe Beasley StoryThe Baby SittersNow Playing26minThe Baby SittersFamily PortraitNow Playing26minFamily PortraitThe Latch Key KidNow Playing26minThe Latch Key KidBy a WhiskerNow Playing26minBy a WhiskerA Waltz from ViennaNow Playing25minA Waltz from ViennaYour Friend, JodyNow Playing26minYour Friend, JodyThe Substitute TeacherNow Playing26minThe Substitute TeacherOliverNow Playing26minOliverChristmas Came a Little EarlyNow Playing26minChristmas Came a Little EarlyThe Unsound of MusicNow Playing26minThe Unsound of MusicAlbertineNow Playing26minAlbertineA Matter of ChoiceNow Playing26minA Matter of ChoiceCiao, Uncle BillNow Playing26minCiao, Uncle BillA Nanny for All SeasonsNow Playing26minA Nanny for All SeasonsFamily PlanNow Playing26minFamily PlanTo Love with BuffyNow Playing26minTo Love with BuffyA Family GroupNow Playing26minA Family GroupA Lesson for Grown-UpsNow Playing26minA Lesson for Grown-UpsOh, to Be in EnglandNow Playing26minOh, to Be in EnglandA Matter of PrivacyNow Playing26minA Matter of PrivacyLost in Spain: Part 1Now Playing26minLost in Spain: Part 1Lost in Spain: Part 2Now Playing26minLost in Spain: Part 2Lost in Spain: Part 3Now Playing26minLost in Spain: Part 3A Diller, a DollarNow Playing26minA Diller, a DollarThe Young Man from BoliviaNow Playing26minThe Young Man from BoliviaSpeak for Yourself, Mr. FrenchNow Playing26minSpeak for Yourself, Mr. FrenchThe Flip SideNow Playing26minThe Flip SideThe Matter of DignityNow Playing26minThe Matter of DignityFlower PowerNow Playing26minFlower PowerMy Man, the StarNow Playing26minMy Man, the StarNo Uncle Is an IslandNow Playing26minNo Uncle Is an IslandThe Wings of an AngelNow Playing26minThe Wings of an AngelUncle Prince CharmingNow Playing26minUncle Prince CharmingCissy's ApartmentNow Playing26minCissy's ApartmentThe Jody AffairNow Playing26minThe Jody AffairWith This RingNow Playing26minWith This RingWhat's Funny about a Broken Leg?Now Playing26minWhat's Funny about a Broken Leg?The Birthday BoyNow Playing26minThe Birthday BoyThe StowawayNow Playing26minThe StowawayNumber One BoyNow Playing26minNumber One BoyA Tale of Two TravelsNow Playing26minA Tale of Two TravelsMaudieNow Playing26minMaudie

Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American HeroNow Playing1hr 36minThe Greatest American HeroThe Hit CarNow Playing50minThe Hit CarHere's Looking at You, KidNow Playing49minHere's Looking at You, KidSaturday on Sunset BoulevardNow Playing50minSaturday on Sunset BoulevardReseda RoseNow Playing50minReseda RoseMy Heroes Have Always Been CowboysNow Playing50minMy Heroes Have Always Been CowboysFire ManNow Playing50minFire ManThe Best Desk ScenarioNow Playing50minThe Best Desk ScenarioThe Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast BallNow Playing50minThe Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast BallOperation SpoilsportNow Playing50minOperation SpoilsportDon't Mess Around with JimNow Playing50minDon't Mess Around with JimHog WildNow Playing50minHog WildClassical GasNow Playing47minClassical GasThe Beast in the BlackNow Playing50minThe Beast in the BlackThe Lost DiabloNow Playing50minThe Lost DiabloPlagueNow Playing50minPlagueTrain of ThoughtNow Playing50minTrain of ThoughtNow You See ItNow Playing50minNow You See ItThe Hand-Painted ThaiNow Playing50minThe Hand-Painted ThaiJust Another Three-Ring CircusNow Playing50minJust Another Three-Ring CircusThe Shock Will Kill YouNow Playing50minThe Shock Will Kill YouA Chicken in Every PlotNow Playing50minA Chicken in Every PlotThe Devil and the Deep Blue SeaNow Playing49minThe Devil and the Deep Blue SeaIt's All Downhill from HereNow Playing50minIt's All Downhill from HereDreamsNow Playing50minDreamsThere's Just No AccountingNow Playing50minThere's Just No AccountingThe Good SamaritanNow Playing49minThe Good SamaritanCaptain Bellybuster and the Speed FactoryNow Playing50minCaptain Bellybuster and the Speed FactoryWho's Woo in AmericaNow Playing48minWho's Woo in AmericaLilacs, Mr. MaxwellNow Playing50minLilacs, Mr. MaxwellDivorce, Venusian StyleNow Playing49minDivorce, Venusian StyleThe Price is RightNow Playing48minThe Price is RightThis Is the One the Suit Was Meant ForNow Playing49minThis Is the One the Suit Was Meant ForThe Resurrection of CarliniNow Playing48minThe Resurrection of CarliniThe Newlywed GameNow Playing49minThe Newlywed GameHeaven Is in Your GenesNow Playing49minHeaven Is in Your GenesLive at ElevenNow Playing49minLive at ElevenSpace RangerNow Playing48minSpace RangerThirty Seconds Over Little TokyoNow Playing47minThirty Seconds Over Little TokyoWizards and WarlocksNow Playing49minWizards and WarlocksIt's Only Rock and RollNow Playing47minIt's Only Rock and RollDesperadoNow Playing48minDesperadoVanity, Says the PreacherNow Playing49minVanity, Says the Preacher

My Favorite Martian

My Favorite MartianNow Playing23minMy Favorite MartianThe MatchmakersNow Playing23minThe MatchmakersThere is No Cure for the Common MartianNow Playing26minThere is No Cure for the Common MartianRussians R in SeasonNow Playing26minRussians R in SeasonMan or AmoebaNow Playing26minMan or AmoebaThe Man on the CouchNow Playing23minThe Man on the CouchA Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and PeachesNow Playing26minA Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and PeachesThe Awful TruthNow Playing26minThe Awful TruthRocket to MarsNow Playing26minRocket to MarsRaffles No. 2Now Playing26minRaffles No. 2The Atom MisersNow Playing26minThe Atom MisersThat Little Old Matchmaker, MartinNow Playing26minThat Little Old Matchmaker, MartinHow to Be a Hero Without Really TryingNow Playing26minHow to Be a Hero Without Really TryingBlood Is Thicker Than the MartianNow Playing26minBlood Is Thicker Than the MartianPoor Little Rich CatNow Playing26minPoor Little Rich CatRX for a MartianNow Playing23minRX for a MartianGoing, Going, GoneNow Playing26minGoing, Going, GoneWho Am I?Now Playing26minWho Am I?Now You See It, Now You Don'tNow Playing26minNow You See It, Now You Don'tMy Nephew the ArtistNow Playing26minMy Nephew the ArtistHitchhike to MarsNow Playing26minHitchhike to MarsUncle Martin's BroadcastNow Playing26minUncle Martin's BroadcastAn Old, Old Friend of the FamilyNow Playing26minAn Old, Old Friend of the FamilySuper-Duper SnooperNow Playing26minSuper-Duper SnooperThe Sinkable Mrs. BrownNow Playing26minThe Sinkable Mrs. BrownMartin and the Eternal TriangleNow Playing26minMartin and the Eternal TriangleDanger! High Voltage!Now Playing26minDanger! High Voltage!If You Can't Lick 'EmNow Playing26minIf You Can't Lick 'EmUnidentified Flying Uncle MartinNow Playing26minUnidentified Flying Uncle MartinHow Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?Now Playing26minHow Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?Miss Jekyll and HydeNow Playing26minMiss Jekyll and HydeWho's Got the Power?Now Playing23minWho's Got the Power?Oh, My Aching AntennaNow Playing26minOh, My Aching AntennaThe Disastro-NautsNow Playing26minThe Disastro-NautsShake Well and Don't UseNow Playing26minShake Well and Don't UseA Nose for NewsNow Playing26minA Nose for NewsUncle Martin's Wisdom ToothNow Playing26minUncle Martin's Wisdom ToothDreaming Can Make It SoNow Playing23minDreaming Can Make It SoThe Memory PillNow Playing26minThe Memory PillThree to Make ReadyNow Playing26minThree to Make ReadyNothing But the TruthNow Playing23minNothing But the TruthDial M for MartinNow Playing26minDial M for MartinExtra! Extra! Sensory Perception!Now Playing23minExtra! Extra! Sensory Perception!My Uncle the Folk SingerNow Playing26minMy Uncle the Folk SingerThe Great Brain RobberyNow Playing23minThe Great Brain RobberyDouble TroubleNow Playing26minDouble TroubleHas Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?Now Playing26minHas Anybody Seen My Electro-Magnetic Neutron Converting Gravitator?Don't Rain on My ParadeNow Playing26minDon't Rain on My ParadeNight Life of Uncle MartinNow Playing26minNight Life of Uncle MartinTo Make a Rabbit Stew-First Catch a MartianNow Playing26minTo Make a Rabbit Stew-First Catch a Martian