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The Hebrew HammerMordechai, a handsome Orthodox Jew hired by the Jewish Justice League after discovering that Santa's evil son, has come to run the North Pole after staging a coup with the help of a reindeer, Blitzen - has plans to eradicate Hanukkah.
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The Hebrew HammerNow PlayingThe Hebrew HammerMordechai, a handsome Orthodox Jew hired by the Jewish Justice League after discovering that Santa's evil son, has come to run the North Pole after staging a coup with the help of a reindeer, Blitzen - has plans to eradicate Hanukkah.0Under the Eiffel TowerUnder the Eiffel TowerUnder the Eiffel Tower is a coming-of-middle-age tale that follows stalled bourbon salesman Stuart (VEEP's Matt Walsh) on a journey across the French countryside after a heart-crushing break up in Paris. Just when a life crisis threatens, a possible romance blooms with a local wine saleswoman (Cesar-nominated actress, Judith Godr'che).

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