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Lesson Before LoveFour dissatisfied singles meet up for a night on the town and try to find the love that has thus far eluded them.Free Black Cinema

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Lesson Before LoveLesson Before LoveFour dissatisfied singles meet up for a night on the town and try to find the love that has thus far eluded them.Restart available0She SexyShe SexyAn actress accepts a writer's invitation to become his muse and inspire his latest romance novel. Soon, their relationship evolves into something more.

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Rogue CellNow Playing1hr 16minRogue CellStolen LiliesNow Playing1hr 26minStolen LiliesSquattersNow Playing1hr 18minSquattersSnow BlackNow Playing1hr 21minSnow BlackStreet Dreams: Los AngelesNow Playing1hr 47minStreet Dreams: Los AngelesShots FiredNow Playing2hr 4minShots FiredSunday Morning RaptureNow Playing1hr 12minSunday Morning RaptureA Night in ComptonNow Playing1hr 50minA Night in ComptonThe StatesNow Playing1hr 47minThe StatesRituals of GuiltNow Playing1hr 28minRituals of GuiltStolen VirginityNow Playing1hr 44minStolen VirginitySweet JusticeNow Playing1hr 31minSweet JusticeSons of the cityNow Playing1hr 17minSons of the cityStreet Tales of TerrorNow Playing1hr 28minStreet Tales of TerrorThe StruggleNow Playing1hr 38minThe StruggleZombiezNow Playing1hr 23minZombiezAttack of the UnknownNow Playing1hr 44minAttack of the UnknownI Am GangsterNow Playing1hr 47minI Am GangsterBetrayed: Who Do You TrustNow Playing31minBetrayed: Who Do You TrustThe SubjectNow Playing1hr 60minThe SubjectWait, Wait, Don't Kill MeNow Playing1hr 42minWait, Wait, Don't Kill MeSpiderNow Playing1hr 39minSpider3 Knee DeepNow Playing1hr 27min3 Knee DeepBrew HouseNow Playing1hr 8minBrew HouseNever QuitNow Playing1hr 19minNever QuitFatal DeceptionNow Playing1hr 31minFatal DeceptionSubstance AbuseNow Playing59minSubstance AbuseLate-Night Buttermilk BiscuitsNow Playing43minLate-Night Buttermilk BiscuitsLate-Night KimchiNow Playing40minLate-Night KimchiLate-Night Herbal TeaNow Playing43minLate-Night Herbal TeaIt's ComplicatedNow Playing59minIt's ComplicatedJust to Get a RepNow Playing52minJust to Get a RepSlice O' CakeNow Playing1hr 48minSlice O' CakeLife After PrisonNow Playing1hr 55minLife After PrisonThe AssistantNow Playing2hr 16minThe AssistantHanging on to LoveNow Playing1hr 16minHanging on to LoveUnexceptional LoveNow Playing1hr 28minUnexceptional LovePearlNow Playing1hr 2minPearlThe BetrayalNow Playing1hr 43minThe BetrayalTrue ColorsNow Playing1hr 9minTrue ColorsPastor Jones: Help Save My DaughterNow Playing1hr 34minPastor Jones: Help Save My DaughterQueen of the Trap HouseNow Playing1hr 37minQueen of the Trap HouseMoma's SpiritNow Playing1hr 11minMoma's SpiritHoly Hip HopNow Playing1hr 18minHoly Hip HopHopetownNow Playing1hr 17minHopetownSuga BabiesNow Playing1hr 18minSuga BabiesTaboo 3: The Unforgettable AceNow Playing1hr 24minTaboo 3: The Unforgettable AceMake Time 4 LoveNow Playing56minMake Time 4 LoveReverend I'm Available TooNow Playing1hr 32minReverend I'm Available TooI Used to Love HerNow Playing1hr 34minI Used to Love Her


Worst Roommate EverNow Playing1hr 22minWorst Roommate EverRim ShopNow Playing1hr 20minRim ShopRobbin' in da HoodNow Playing1hr 22minRobbin' in da HoodGreat GainNow Playing1hr 47minGreat GainMy Phamily B.B.Q.Now Playing1hr 40minMy Phamily B.B.Q.A Night in ComptonNow Playing1hr 50minA Night in ComptonMake Time 4 LoveNow Playing56minMake Time 4 LoveAt All CostNow Playing1hr 28minAt All CostHum DoNow Playing1hr 23minHum DoDa Booty ShopNow Playing1hr 26minDa Booty ShopA Night In ComptonNow Playing1hr 53minA Night In ComptonBlack CoffeeNow Playing1hr 22minBlack CoffeeSwitchin the ScriptNow Playing1hr 24minSwitchin the ScriptDiggin' For DollarsNow Playing1hr 45minDiggin' For DollarsKeepin' The Faith: Lookin' For Mr. RightNow Playing1hr 35minKeepin' The Faith: Lookin' For Mr. RightDate for HireNow Playing1hr 26minDate for HireChurch FolksNow Playing1hr 20minChurch FolksSquattersNow Playing1hr 18minSquattersUltimate Comedy TourNow Playing1hr 14minUltimate Comedy TourGoing 4 BrokeNow Playing1hr 11minGoing 4 BrokePastor ShirleyNow Playing1hr 20minPastor ShirleyStuck TogetherNow Playing43minStuck TogetherThanksgiving RoastNow Playing1hr 53minThanksgiving RoastThe 70% ClubNow Playing1hr 36minThe 70% ClubComedy HustleNow Playing1hr 39minComedy HustleFakinNow Playing1hr 31minFakinLovers & FriendsNow Playing1hr 15minLovers & FriendsThe Harlem GlobetrottersNow Playing1hr 17minThe Harlem GlobetrottersTill Love ComesNow Playing1hr 18minTill Love ComesThe HustleNow Playing1hr 38minThe HustleBig Black Comedy (Vol 3)Now Playing1hr 35minBig Black Comedy (Vol 3)Big Black Comedy (Vol 5)Now Playing1hr 29minBig Black Comedy (Vol 5)The EngagementNow Playing1hr 28minThe EngagementSurprise, Surprise!!!Now Playing1hr 50minSurprise, Surprise!!!Too SavedNow Playing1hr 15minToo SavedDWB: Dating While BlackNow Playing1hr 40minDWB: Dating While BlackThe Carters Family ReunionNow Playing1hr 20minThe Carters Family ReunionHalloween KickbackNow Playing1hr 11minHalloween KickbackThe Workout RoomNow Playing1hr 21minThe Workout RoomHigher EdNow Playing1hr 15minHigher EdShout!Now Playing1hr 16minShout!Friday at Dewayne'sNow Playing1hr 42minFriday at Dewayne'sAll For The MoneyNow Playing1hr 48minAll For The MoneyMarvin's ChristmasNow Playing1hr 23minMarvin's ChristmasA Million To JuanNow Playing1hr 34minA Million To JuanWash It UpNow Playing1hr 21minWash It UpThe Perfect RomanceNow Playing1hr 8minThe Perfect RomanceTony Baker's Scaredy CatNow Playing1hr 21minTony Baker's Scaredy CatBuds for LifeNow Playing1hr 46minBuds for LifePower of LoveNow Playing1hr 19minPower of Love


Before 'I Do'Now Playing1hr 2minBefore 'I Do'Sons Of New OrleansNow Playing1hr 16minSons Of New OrleansThe Tattoo ConnectionNow Playing1hr 28minThe Tattoo ConnectionMississippi ShakedownNow Playing1hr 32minMississippi ShakedownThe StatesNow Playing1hr 47minThe StatesProject PurgatoryNow Playing1hr 22minProject PurgatoryChop ShopNow Playing1hr 32minChop ShopEx$pendableNow Playing1hr 25minEx$pendableSnow BlackNow Playing1hr 25minSnow BlackQueen of the Trap HouseNow Playing1hr 37minQueen of the Trap HouseProdigalNow Playing1hr 57minProdigalParadise in HarlemNow Playing1hr 24minParadise in HarlemDirty ShieldNow Playing1hr 27minDirty ShieldThe BaronNow Playing1hr 30minThe BaronStreet Tales of TerrorNow Playing1hr 28minStreet Tales of TerrorMurder GardensNow Playing2hr 22minMurder GardensHarlem Rides the RangeNow Playing56minHarlem Rides the RangeDead MoneyNow Playing1hr 37minDead MoneyDead MoneyNow Playing1hr 37minDead MoneyQueen Pin 2Now Playing1hr 38minQueen Pin 2FleshNow Playing1hr 38minFleshRim ShopNow Playing1hr 20minRim ShopTrustNow Playing1hr 58minTrustSons of the cityNow Playing1hr 17minSons of the cityBlastNow Playing1hr 33minBlastChampion Road: ArenaNow Playing1hr 59minChampion Road: ArenaThe Locator 2: Braxton ReturnsNow Playing1hr 31minThe Locator 2: Braxton ReturnsHostile TakedownNow Playing1hr 34minHostile TakedownLocator 2: Braxton ReturnsNow Playing1hr 31minLocator 2: Braxton ReturnsSunday Morning RaptureNow Playing1hr 12minSunday Morning RaptureDeath JourneyNow Playing1hr 16minDeath JourneySpeeding up TimeNow Playing1hr 4minSpeeding up TimeTimeNow Playing1hr 10minTimeCarter HighNow Playing1hr 52minCarter HighSticky SituationsNow Playing2hr 1minSticky SituationsEx$pendableNow Playing1hr 25minEx$pendableMexico CityNow Playing34minMexico CityIt Ain't EasyNow Playing1hr 38minIt Ain't EasyBottom OutNow Playing1hr 35minBottom OutSavage!Now Playing1hr 22minSavage!Snitch in New YorkNow Playing1hr 31minSnitch in New YorkValentine's DateNow Playing1hr 36minValentine's DateBrothers' DayNow Playing1hr 35minBrothers' DayHeights Girl 2Now Playing1hr 37minHeights Girl 2Lock & Key 2: The FalloutNow Playing1hr 37minLock & Key 2: The FalloutSweet JusticeNow Playing1hr 31minSweet JusticeAdios AmigoNow Playing1hr 30minAdios AmigoSweet JusticeNow Playing1hr 31minSweet JusticeLock & KeyNow Playing1hr 37minLock & KeyLock and KeyNow Playing1hr 37minLock and Key


The Pastor's DaughtersNow Playing1hr 16minThe Pastor's DaughtersLost SoulNow Playing1hr 15minLost SoulLady CocoaNow Playing1hr 32minLady CocoaInner DemonsNow Playing1hr 25minInner DemonsR&B ChickNow Playing1hr 15minR&B ChickShow Me Your GloryNow Playing1hr 56minShow Me Your GloryLove Lust And MoneyNow Playing1hr 20minLove Lust And MoneyHer Leather CoatNow Playing1hr 14minHer Leather CoatA Change is ComingNow Playing1hr 48minA Change is ComingPearlNow Playing1hr 2minPearlCloser to GodNow Playing1hr 18minCloser to GodAuto RecoveryNow Playing1hr 54minAuto RecoveryThe Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep: Sweet RevengeNow Playing1hr 60minThe Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep: Sweet RevengeThe Prayer CircleNow Playing1hr 17minThe Prayer CircleLet Go and Let GodNow Playing1hr 14minLet Go and Let GodThy Will Be DoneNow Playing1hr 29minThy Will Be DoneFire And RainNow Playing1hr 39minFire And RainSweet JusticeNow Playing1hr 31minSweet JusticeHe Said She SaidNow Playing2hr 10minHe Said She SaidLock and KeyNow Playing1hr 37minLock and KeyHopetownNow Playing1hr 17minHopetownThe Devil's DaughterNow Playing52minThe Devil's DaughterNo Love LostNow Playing2hr 4minNo Love LostBeyond The ShieldNow Playing1hr 16minBeyond The ShieldHeights Girl 2Now Playing1hr 37minHeights Girl 2The Perfect PrayerNow Playing1hr 39minThe Perfect PrayerThe Devil's DiamondNow Playing1hr 27minThe Devil's DiamondComplexionsNow Playing1hr 11minComplexionsWait for LoveNow Playing2hr 7minWait for LoveSavage!Now Playing1hr 22minSavage!Deceitful StormNow Playing1hr 55minDeceitful StormBottom OutNow Playing1hr 35minBottom OutAffairsNow Playing2hr 2minAffairsFinding MeNow Playing1hr 20minFinding MeThe House GuestNow Playing1hr 23minThe House GuestIt Ain't EasyNow Playing1hr 38minIt Ain't EasyShow Me Your GloryNow Playing1hr 55minShow Me Your GloryThe Perfect PrayerNow Playing1hr 39minThe Perfect PrayerFirst ImpressionNow Playing1hr 37minFirst ImpressionSticky SituationsNow Playing2hr 1minSticky SituationsPlentyNow Playing46minPlentyLiving WaterNow Playing1hr 28minLiving WaterSkinNow Playing1hr 47minSkinEx$pendableNow Playing1hr 25minEx$pendableKingdom MenNow Playing1hr 15minKingdom MenBold Evil LiarNow Playing2hr 2minBold Evil LiarUltimatumsNow Playing1hr 24minUltimatumsAfter Party SecretsNow Playing1hr 11minAfter Party SecretsThe Last AssignmentNow Playing1hr 19minThe Last AssignmentThe Black ConnectionNow Playing1hr 21minThe Black Connection

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Black LoveNow Playing1hr 22minBlack LoveMore Than FriendsNow Playing2hr 14minMore Than FriendsReindeer GamesNow Playing1hr 34minReindeer GamesSiren of the TropicsNow Playing1hr 28minSiren of the TropicsThe 30 Day RuleNow Playing1hr 22minThe 30 Day RuleAnatomy of LoveNow Playing1hr 36minAnatomy of LoveKeep PunchingNow Playing1hr 22minKeep PunchingMoney, Power, RespectNow Playing1hr 45minMoney, Power, RespectThe Come UpNow Playing1hr 22minThe Come UpDWB: Dating While BlackNow Playing1hr 40minDWB: Dating While BlackAll the Man I NeedNow Playing1hr 49minAll the Man I NeedShe SexyNow Playing1hr 41minShe SexyKaylahNow Playing1hr 25minKaylahDominosNow Playing1hr 23minDominosBeing on TopNow Playing1hr 49minBeing on TopDark SeedNow Playing1hr 25minDark SeedRavenNow Playing1hr 29minRavenEndless SummerNow Playing1hr 6minEndless SummerAfter AutumnNow Playing1hr 29minAfter AutumnDangerous ObsessionNow Playing1hr 19minDangerous ObsessionThe 30 Day RuleNow Playing1hr 22minThe 30 Day RuleMy Life for YoursNow Playing1hr 31minMy Life for YoursReverend, I'm AvailableNow Playing1hr 49minReverend, I'm AvailableGirls Like UsNow Playing1hr 15minGirls Like UsNew Year New UsNow Playing2hr 25minNew Year New UsThe Anatomy of LoveNow Playing1hr 37minThe Anatomy of LoveCaught Between the TwoNow Playing1hr 14minCaught Between the TwoSweet MahoganyNow Playing1hr 11minSweet MahoganyDeceptions of LoveNow Playing2hr 2minDeceptions of LoveReverend, I'm Available TooNow Playing1hr 33minReverend, I'm Available TooDiamondzNow Playing1hr 23minDiamondzBachelorette's DegreeNow Playing1hr 36minBachelorette's DegreeI Used to Love HerNow Playing1hr 34minI Used to Love HerReunitedNow Playing1hr 23minReunitedLet's TalkNow Playing37minLet's TalkGirlfriends ReunitedNow Playing1hr 52minGirlfriends ReunitedSwitchin' the ScriptNow Playing1hr 29minSwitchin' the ScriptCreepin' with the DeaconNow Playing1hr 18minCreepin' with the DeaconInvisible LiesNow Playing1hr 12minInvisible LiesThe Morning AfterNow Playing50minThe Morning AfterSurprise, Surprise!!!Now Playing1hr 50minSurprise, Surprise!!!IncompleteNow Playing1hr 30minIncompletePlug LoveNow Playing1hr 55minPlug LoveDWB: Dating While BlackNow Playing1hr 40minDWB: Dating While BlackFor AmorNow Playing1hr 24minFor AmorMarried Men and Single WomenNow Playing1hr 28minMarried Men and Single WomenAll For The MoneyNow Playing1hr 48minAll For The MoneyStolen MomentsNow Playing1hr 32minStolen MomentsWash It UpNow Playing1hr 21minWash It UpThe Perfect RomanceNow Playing1hr 8minThe Perfect Romance


The Legend of Black AnnieNow Playing1hr 27minThe Legend of Black AnnieHeavyNow Playing1hr 48minHeavyMusic & MurderNow Playing1hr 45minMusic & MurderTraces of IndignityNow Playing1hr 19minTraces of IndignityTill Death...Do Us PartNow Playing1hr 35minTill Death...Do Us PartTrap Flix PartyNow Playing1hr 33minTrap Flix PartyThe HitterNow Playing1hr 32minThe HitterThe TurnaroundNow Playing1hr 27minThe TurnaroundStolen LiliesNow Playing1hr 26minStolen LiliesUnwitting DeceitNow Playing1hr 12minUnwitting DeceitUndercover ConsequencesNow Playing1hr 17minUndercover ConsequencesFright ClubNow Playing1hr 26minFright ClubTrue ColorsNow Playing1hr 9minTrue ColorsHow to Get Away with CheatingNow Playing1hr 32minHow to Get Away with CheatingDangerous ObsessionNow Playing1hr 19minDangerous ObsessionEase the PainNow Playing1hr 26minEase the PainCapturedNow Playing1hr 9minCapturedDon't ShootNow Playing1hr 60minDon't ShootQuarantine RelationshipNow Playing1hr 14minQuarantine RelationshipParadiseNow Playing1hr 19minParadiseLove and DeceitNow Playing1hr 48minLove and DeceitThrough Treasure's DoorNow Playing1hr 17minThrough Treasure's DoorMy Brother's KeeperNow Playing1hr 38minMy Brother's KeeperMusic & MurderNow Playing1hr 45minMusic & MurderThe Perfect WifeNow Playing1hr 22minThe Perfect WifeEbony HustleNow Playing1hr 36minEbony HustleCapturedNow Playing1hr 9minCapturedFourth QuarterNow Playing1hr 32minFourth QuarterMalicious IntentNow Playing1hr 23minMalicious IntentTwo WolvesNow Playing1hr 40minTwo WolvesProtégéNow Playing1hr 11minProtégéRestlessNow Playing1hr 17minRestlessLove & Drugs 2Now Playing1hr 54minLove & Drugs 2VictoriaNow Playing2hr 2minVictoriaGreed: Heavy Is the HandNow Playing1hr 17minGreed: Heavy Is the HandLock and Key 2: The FalloutNow Playing1hr 36minLock and Key 2: The FalloutTill Death Do Us PartNow Playing1hr 35minTill Death Do Us PartThe Foreign Exchange StudentNow Playing1hr 42minThe Foreign Exchange StudentTwo WolvesNow Playing1hr 39minTwo WolvesBehind Treasure's DoorNow Playing1hr 41minBehind Treasure's DoorBlack DiamondNow Playing1hr 55minBlack DiamondThe AssistantNow Playing2hr 16minThe AssistantSweet Mahogany: Pure IndulgenceNow Playing1hr 20minSweet Mahogany: Pure IndulgenceInvisible LiesNow Playing1hr 12minInvisible LiesLove and DeceitNow Playing1hr 49minLove and DeceitGangster GirlsNow Playing1hr 29minGangster GirlsChampion RoadNow Playing1hr 25minChampion RoadSubspiralNow Playing1hr 29minSubspiralSlimeNow Playing1hr 19minSlimeNoxiousNow Playing1hr 2minNoxious

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The Millions MenNow Playing1hr 18minThe Millions MenAfrokonsNow Playing1hr 24minAfrokonsGlitteratiNow Playing1hr 24minGlitteratiDear BayoNow Playing1hr 43minDear BayoPlan BNow Playing1hr Plan BOf Good ReportNow Playing1hr 51minOf Good ReportClubNow Playing1hr 27minClubJulianaNow Playing2hr 9minJulianaMr and Mrs OnojaNow Playing1hr 34minMr and Mrs OnojaOnce Upon a FamilyNow Playing1hr 51minOnce Upon a FamilyThe Straight PathNow Playing2hr 7minThe Straight PathThe SavagesNow Playing1hr 31minThe SavagesThe Coffin SalesmanNow Playing1hr 13minThe Coffin SalesmanRainNow Playing1hr 35minRainWild FireNow Playing1hr 21minWild FireMother's LoveNow Playing1hr 60minMother's LoveA Dream Called DeathNow Playing1hr 33minA Dream Called DeathMumble JumbleNow Playing1hr 23minMumble JumbleIn My Fathers VillageNow Playing24minIn My Fathers VillageThe Herbert Macaulay AffairNow Playing1hr 33minThe Herbert Macaulay AffairCoffee with CinnamonNow Playing1hr 44minCoffee with CinnamonStacyNow Playing1hr 52minStacyTime LoopedNow Playing1hr 42minTime LoopedSadeNow Playing1hr 18minSadeSister's PlotNow Playing2hr 18minSister's PlotLight in the DarkNow Playing1hr 46minLight in the DarkIn LawsNow Playing1hr 46minIn LawsIn IbadanNow Playing1hr 25minIn IbadanHatredNow Playing1hr 21minHatredThe ItchNow Playing1hr 41minThe ItchThe TherapistNow Playing1hr 36minThe TherapistBlack WidowNow Playing1hr 30minBlack WidowCartel The GenesisNow Playing1hr 44minCartel The GenesisVeveNow Playing1hr 31minVeveBrotherlyNow Playing31minBrotherlyPeleNow Playing44minPeleDemon InsideNow Playing1hr 16minDemon InsideJudasNow Playing1hr 46minJudasMy London SlaveNow Playing1hr 45minMy London SlaveBigman WahalaNow Playing1hr 41minBigman WahalaThe CulpritNow Playing1hr 30minThe CulpritHakkundeNow Playing1hr 38minHakkundeBeaten at the GameNow Playing1hr 27minBeaten at the GameInbredNow Playing1hr 25minInbredThornsNow Playing1hr 31minThornsBlueNow Playing1hr 31minBlueThe Lost CafeNow Playing1hr 17minThe Lost CafeThe Next SambaNow Playing1hr 47minThe Next SambaGone Too FarNow Playing1hr 28minGone Too FarKati KatiNow Playing1hr 13minKati Kati