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Church FolksPastor Frank is struggling to keep his ministry alive as he deals with dwindling attendance and a possible foreclosure. He has to rally his team members to keep the doors of their church open. They decide to revamp their workshop team, update some of Pastor Frank's old messages, and host a city-wide fellowship and fundraiser.Free Black Cinema

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Church FolksNow PlayingChurch FolksPastor Frank is struggling to keep his ministry alive as he deals with dwindling attendance and a possible foreclosure. He has to rally his team members to keep the doors of their church open. They decide to revamp their workshop team, update some of Pastor Frank's old messages, and host a city-wide fellowship and fundraiser.Restart available0Mom Told MeMom Told MeWhen a slick music producer sweeps a naïve young woman off her feet with promises of stardom, will she follow her heart or heed her mother's warnings?

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Reverend, I'm AvailableNow Playing1hr 49minReverend, I'm AvailableMy Life for YoursNow Playing1hr 31minMy Life for YoursDangerous ObsessionNow Playing1hr 19minDangerous ObsessionThe 30 Day RuleNow Playing1hr 22minThe 30 Day RuleNew Year New UsNow Playing2hr 25minNew Year New UsGirls Like UsNow Playing1hr 15minGirls Like UsAfter AutumnNow Playing1hr 29minAfter AutumnDark SeedNow Playing1hr 25minDark SeedRavenNow Playing1hr 29minRavenEndless SummerNow Playing1hr 6minEndless SummerBeing on TopNow Playing1hr 49minBeing on TopDominosNow Playing1hr 23minDominosKaylahNow Playing1hr 25minKaylahDWB: Dating While BlackNow Playing1hr 40minDWB: Dating While BlackShe SexyNow Playing1hr 41minShe SexyAll the Man I NeedNow Playing1hr 49minAll the Man I NeedMoney, Power, RespectNow Playing1hr 45minMoney, Power, RespectKeep PunchingNow Playing1hr 22minKeep PunchingThe Come UpNow Playing1hr 22minThe Come UpThe 30 Day RuleNow Playing1hr 22minThe 30 Day RuleSiren of the TropicsNow Playing1hr 28minSiren of the TropicsReindeer GamesNow Playing1hr 34minReindeer GamesAnatomy of LoveNow Playing1hr 36minAnatomy of LoveMore Than FriendsNow Playing2hr 14minMore Than FriendsBlack LoveNow Playing1hr 22minBlack LoveThe Morning AfterNow Playing50minThe Morning AfterInvisible LiesNow Playing1hr 12minInvisible LiesCreepin' with the DeaconNow Playing1hr 18minCreepin' with the DeaconSwitchin' the ScriptNow Playing1hr 29minSwitchin' the ScriptLet's TalkNow Playing37minLet's TalkGirlfriends ReunitedNow Playing1hr 52minGirlfriends ReunitedReunitedNow Playing1hr 23minReunitedI Used to Love HerNow Playing1hr 34minI Used to Love HerReverend, I'm Available TooNow Playing1hr 33minReverend, I'm Available TooBachelorette's DegreeNow Playing1hr 36minBachelorette's DegreeDiamondzNow Playing1hr 23minDiamondzDeceptions of LoveNow Playing2hr 2minDeceptions of LoveSweet MahoganyNow Playing1hr 11minSweet MahoganyCaught Between the TwoNow Playing1hr 14minCaught Between the TwoThe Anatomy of LoveNow Playing1hr 37minThe Anatomy of LoveThe Underwoods of Napa ValleyNow Playing1hr 37minThe Underwoods of Napa ValleyHeights Girl 2Now Playing1hr 37minHeights Girl 2ComplexNow Playing1hr 47minComplexHanging on to LoveNow Playing1hr 16minHanging on to LoveDo's and Don'ts of DatingNow Playing1hr 24minDo's and Don'ts of DatingPower of LoveNow Playing1hr 19minPower of LoveThe Perfect RomanceNow Playing1hr 8minThe Perfect RomanceWash It UpNow Playing1hr 21minWash It UpFirst ImpressionNow Playing1hr 37minFirst ImpressionStolen MomentsNow Playing1hr 32minStolen Moments


Rituals of GuiltNow Playing1hr 28minRituals of GuiltStreet Dreams: Los AngelesNow Playing1hr 47minStreet Dreams: Los AngelesUnderground P.D.Now Playing1hr 30minUnderground P.D.The LocatorNow Playing1hr 23minThe LocatorBrute SanityNow Playing1hr 22minBrute SanityStolen LiliesNow Playing1hr 26minStolen LiliesSnow BlackNow Playing1hr 21minSnow BlackDomestic WarfareNow Playing1hr 34minDomestic WarfareRogue CellNow Playing1hr 16minRogue CellForbidden FruitNow Playing1hr 14minForbidden FruitGutta MamisNow Playing1hr 24minGutta MamisTrapp LifeNow Playing1hr 25minTrapp LifeTraces of IndignityNow Playing1hr 19minTraces of IndignityTaboo 3: The Unforgettable AceNow Playing1hr 24minTaboo 3: The Unforgettable AceLast WordsNow Playing1hr 13minLast WordsDiamondz N Da RuffNow Playing1hr 55minDiamondz N Da RuffThe Black ConnectionNow Playing1hr 21minThe Black ConnectionThe Last AssignmentNow Playing1hr 19minThe Last AssignmentAfter Party SecretsNow Playing1hr 11minAfter Party SecretsCase 137Now Playing1hr 10minCase 13730 MilesNow Playing1hr 22min30 MilesFinding DesmondNow Playing1hr 14minFinding DesmondKing of the GameNow Playing1hr 55minKing of the GameDeep TroubleNow Playing1hr 43minDeep TroubleEnvisionNow Playing1hr 22minEnvisionUltimatumsNow Playing1hr 24minUltimatumsConcealmentNow Playing1hr 11minConcealmentLove & Drugs 2Now Playing1hr 54minLove & Drugs 2The House GuestNow Playing1hr 23minThe House GuestProbable CauseNow Playing1hr 28minProbable Cause3 WayNow Playing1hr 7min3 WayWait for LoveNow Playing2hr 7minWait for LoveAffairsNow Playing2hr 2minAffairsThe House GuestNow Playing1hr 23minThe House GuestThe Foreign Exchange StudentNow Playing1hr 42minThe Foreign Exchange StudentSweet JusticeNow Playing1hr 31minSweet JusticeThe Killing SecretNow Playing1hr 6minThe Killing SecretSweet MahoganyNow Playing1hr 10minSweet MahoganyOut of GasNow Playing1hr 23minOut of GasQueen the AwakeningNow Playing1hr 35minQueen the AwakeningSweet JusticeNow Playing1hr 31minSweet JusticeLock & KeyNow Playing1hr 37minLock & KeyBehind Closed DoorsNow Playing1hr 29minBehind Closed DoorsLock & Key 2: The FalloutNow Playing1hr 37minLock & Key 2: The FalloutComplexNow Playing1hr 47minComplexPearlNow Playing1hr 2minPearlDead MoneyNow Playing1hr 37minDead MoneyMurder GardensNow Playing2hr 22minMurder GardensUnwitting DeceitNow Playing1hr 12minUnwitting DeceitTexas Voodoo ZombiesNow Playing1hr 39minTexas Voodoo Zombies

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Just Not MarriedNow Playing1hr 30minJust Not MarriedNovember TearNow Playing1hr 49minNovember TearMy LifeNow Playing1hr 51minMy LifeGenesis of The AshantisNow Playing1hr 18minGenesis of The AshantisThe In LawsNow Playing1hr 32minThe In LawsTruth And TidingsNow Playing1hr 40minTruth And TidingsFrom Here to TimbuktuNow Playing28minFrom Here to TimbuktuMaskedNow Playing1hr 25minMaskedA Northern AffairNow Playing1hr 55minA Northern AffairThe OppositeNow Playing1hr 52minThe OppositeThe ConfessorNow Playing1hr 36minThe ConfessorDark LullabiesNow Playing1hr 34minDark LullabiesBlack HoleNow Playing1hr 19minBlack HoleKatuturaNow Playing1hr 42minKatuturaUnlove MeNow Playing1hr 37minUnlove MeHers, Mine, OursNow Playing22minHers, Mine, OursP Over DNow Playing1hr 59minP Over DThandiNow Playing51minThandiGone Too FarNow Playing1hr 28minGone Too FarThe Lost CafeNow Playing1hr 17minThe Lost CafeThe Next SambaNow Playing1hr 47minThe Next SambaFunny UniverseNow Playing1hr 27minFunny UniversePast CallNow Playing2hr 2minPast CallKati KatiNow Playing1hr 13minKati KatiBeaten at the GameNow Playing1hr 27minBeaten at the GameHakkundeNow Playing1hr 38minHakkundeThe CulpritNow Playing1hr 30minThe CulpritMy London SlaveNow Playing1hr 45minMy London SlaveBigman WahalaNow Playing1hr 41minBigman WahalaThornsNow Playing1hr 31minThornsBlueNow Playing1hr 31minBlueInbredNow Playing1hr 25minInbredMystifiedNow Playing1hr 30minMystifiedCoerced RevengeNow Playing43minCoerced RevengeThe Final ListNow Playing1hr 33minThe Final ListThe AsideNow Playing58minThe AsideAgony of KimNow Playing1hr 17minAgony of KimSweet FaceNow Playing1hr 26minSweet FaceSunburnNow Playing1hr 25minSunburnMay 29Now Playing1hr 27minMay 29Black SheepNow Playing1hr 29minBlack SheepBreaking With CustomsNow Playing1hr 25minBreaking With CustomsAliciaNow Playing1hr 24minAliciaThe CleanerNow Playing1hr 31minThe CleanerJomako Black DemocracyNow Playing1hr 18minJomako Black DemocracyRiftNow Playing1hr 33minRiftLong Walk to TruthNow Playing1hr 30minLong Walk to TruthHeartNow Playing1hr 37minHeartBiasNow Playing1hr 33minBiasSiyabongaNow Playing1hr 35minSiyabonga