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Culinary GeniusFive cooks battle it out in the kitchen as they face a challenge designed to test their culinary knowledge.FOX FIRST RUN

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Culinary GeniusNow PlayingCulinary GeniusFive cooks battle it out in the kitchen as they face a challenge designed to test their culinary knowledge.Restart available0Culinary GeniusCulinary GeniusFive cooks battle it out in the kitchen as they face a meticulous food prep challenge.

Wicked Wicked Games 31-62

PilotNow Playing44minPilotBehind the MaskNow Playing41minBehind the MaskTools of the TradeNow Playing41minTools of the TradeNeedle in the HayNow Playing42minNeedle in the HayThe Closer You GetNow Playing42minThe Closer You GetRecipe for DisasterNow Playing42minRecipe for DisasterTesting BoundariesNow Playing41minTesting BoundariesLeave them Wanting MoreNow Playing42minLeave them Wanting MoreThe StoogeNow Playing41minThe StoogeIt's in the BagNow Playing38minIt's in the BagComplexity of Brotherly LoveNow Playing40minComplexity of Brotherly LoveThe SeductionNow Playing41minThe SeductionThe Race is OnNow Playing39minThe Race is OnStick to the PlanNow Playing38minStick to the PlanSilly RabbitNow Playing40minSilly RabbitCollateral DamagesNow Playing41minCollateral DamagesLove's FuryNow Playing41minLove's FuryWhen Hope is LostNow Playing42minWhen Hope is LostWhen Fate Hands You LemonsNow Playing41minWhen Fate Hands You LemonsTrust & Other Dirty WordsNow Playing42minTrust & Other Dirty WordsEveryone Has a SecretNow Playing39minEveryone Has a SecretThe Cat's Out of the BagNow Playing42minThe Cat's Out of the BagDelayed GratificationNow Playing40minDelayed GratificationTruth or ParanoiaNow Playing40minTruth or ParanoiaWatershed (Josh's Story)Now Playing42minWatershed (Josh's Story)The Woman in RedNow Playing41minThe Woman in RedThe Spoils of WarNow Playing39minThe Spoils of WarTruth HurtsNow Playing42minTruth HurtsWho's Your Daddy?Now Playing42minWho's Your Daddy?SatisfactionNow Playing40minSatisfactionUnfinished BusinessNow Playing40minUnfinished BusinessMuddy WatersNow Playing42minMuddy WatersBeauty PageantNow Playing42minBeauty PageantGiving Up the GhostNow Playing42minGiving Up the GhostSnakes in the GardenNow Playing42minSnakes in the GardenThe Boss of MeNow Playing42minThe Boss of MePayback is HellNow Playing39minPayback is HellEasy Come, Easy GoNow Playing42minEasy Come, Easy GoBe Careful What You Wish ForNow Playing42minBe Careful What You Wish ForEnough is Never EnoughNow Playing42minEnough is Never EnoughThe Blue PillNow Playing42minThe Blue PillThe Loneliest NumberNow Playing41minThe Loneliest NumberA Daughter & A SonNow Playing40minA Daughter & A SonHard EvidenceNow Playing42minHard EvidenceLast StrawNow Playing42minLast StrawTempting FateNow Playing42minTempting FateComing HomeNow Playing39minComing HomeFamiliarity BreedsNow Playing40minFamiliarity BreedsThe Answer to EverythingNow Playing41minThe Answer to EverythingLawyers & LiesNow Playing42minLawyers & Lies

Divorce Court

Wendell "Paul" Glover vs. Jasmine NealNow Playing20minWendell "Paul" Glover vs. Jasmine NealMariam Choudary vs. Chaddie AtaiwiNow Playing20minMariam Choudary vs. Chaddie AtaiwiDanyelle Simmons vs. Cody AndrewsNow Playing20minDanyelle Simmons vs. Cody AndrewsTykara Newman vs. Gaylon PorterNow Playing20minTykara Newman vs. Gaylon PorterLawrence Maxwell vs. Ciara CannonNow Playing20minLawrence Maxwell vs. Ciara CannonLynnette Villegas vs. Frank LopezNow Playing20minLynnette Villegas vs. Frank LopezLisa Todd vs. Henry BlackNow Playing20minLisa Todd vs. Henry BlackSarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 1)Now Playing20minSarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 1)Sarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 2)Now Playing20minSarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 2)Angela "Angi" Waring vs. Tori StevensNow Playing20minAngela "Angi" Waring vs. Tori StevensRahiyma Allen vs. John AllenNow Playing20minRahiyma Allen vs. John AllenPatricia Fischer vs. Paul FischerNow Playing20minPatricia Fischer vs. Paul FischerTammy Lee vs. Clarence GrahamNow Playing20minTammy Lee vs. Clarence GrahamNoheme Perez vs. David PerezNow Playing20minNoheme Perez vs. David PerezMwanisha Reynolds vs. Mathew HedringtonNow Playing20minMwanisha Reynolds vs. Mathew HedringtonAnita Mason vs. Alton MasonNow Playing20minAnita Mason vs. Alton MasonLorrie Tipton vs. David TiptonNow Playing20minLorrie Tipton vs. David TiptonMonica "Lu" Jaramillo vs. Justin LongNow Playing20minMonica "Lu" Jaramillo vs. Justin LongSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 2)Now Playing20minSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 2)Sarah Johnson vs. Anthony JonesNow Playing20minSarah Johnson vs. Anthony JonesAngela Mitchell vs. Anthony MitchellNow Playing20minAngela Mitchell vs. Anthony MitchellDanny Fendley vs. Sabrina FendleyNow Playing20minDanny Fendley vs. Sabrina FendleySarhonda "Hope" Shannon-French vs. Kevin KempNow Playing20minSarhonda "Hope" Shannon-French vs. Kevin KempJoseph Razor vs. Marsi LovettNow Playing20minJoseph Razor vs. Marsi LovettSonya Chandler vs. Robert ChandlerNow Playing20minSonya Chandler vs. Robert ChandlerAnitra Owens vs. Dameon PearsonNow Playing20minAnitra Owens vs. Dameon PearsonJulie Fernandez vs. David FernandezNow Playing20minJulie Fernandez vs. David FernandezMenyoun Jordan vs. Leonard TelfordNow Playing20minMenyoun Jordan vs. Leonard TelfordLajoy Hughes-Rembert vs. Khalil RembertNow Playing20minLajoy Hughes-Rembert vs. Khalil RembertSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 1)Now Playing20minSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 1)Brandis Fisher vs. Vidal Marshall Jr.Now Playing20minBrandis Fisher vs. Vidal Marshall Jr.Taryn Brett vs. Alec ApostolouNow Playing20minTaryn Brett vs. Alec ApostolouBrucha Huff vs. Christopher HueryNow Playing20minBrucha Huff vs. Christopher HueryLaura Perez vs. Victor PerezNow Playing20minLaura Perez vs. Victor PerezClarita Simmons vs. Chris SimmonsNow Playing20minClarita Simmons vs. Chris SimmonsTony Clayton vs. Angela HolleyNow Playing20minTony Clayton vs. Angela HolleyKia Greenwade vs. Jeff ChapmanNow Playing20minKia Greenwade vs. Jeff ChapmanTywaniquekya MacKey vs. Heath RichardNow Playing20minTywaniquekya MacKey vs. Heath RichardLeonora "Isnore" Jones vs. Michael "Greedy" JonesNow Playing20minLeonora "Isnore" Jones vs. Michael "Greedy" JonesAisha Thomas vs. Richard ThomasNow Playing20minAisha Thomas vs. Richard ThomasSharon Campbell vs. Nathaniel "Nate" WilsonNow Playing20minSharon Campbell vs. Nathaniel "Nate" WilsonRebecca Wilkins vs. Dustin WilkinsNow Playing20minRebecca Wilkins vs. Dustin WilkinsDwayne Robinson vs. LaToya "D'eva" RobinsonNow Playing20minDwayne Robinson vs. LaToya "D'eva" RobinsonQueenesha Tilmon vs. Jerome TilmonNow Playing20minQueenesha Tilmon vs. Jerome TilmonVanessa Benalcazar vs. Alan KubalaNow Playing20minVanessa Benalcazar vs. Alan KubalaShamonda Richardson vs. David RichardsonNow Playing20minShamonda Richardson vs. David RichardsonLora Duffey vs. Edmound DuffeyNow Playing20minLora Duffey vs. Edmound DuffeyEric Jones vs. Shanika JonesNow Playing20minEric Jones vs. Shanika JonesMelissa Hardy vs. Ollie HardyNow Playing20minMelissa Hardy vs. Ollie HardyMargaret Davis vs. Duane "Shorty" DavisNow Playing20minMargaret Davis vs. Duane "Shorty" Davis

25 Words or Less

The Season 3 Finale!Now Playing20minThe Season 3 Finale!More Words! More Words!Now Playing20minMore Words! More Words!Spanx You Very Much!Now Playing20minSpanx You Very Much!It's All About EnergyNow Playing20minIt's All About EnergyA Very Stylish EpisodeNow Playing20minA Very Stylish EpisodeLucky Day!Now Playing20minLucky Day!Show Me The Money!Now Playing20minShow Me The Money!Andy Richter Shows OffNow Playing20minAndy Richter Shows OffAndy Richter A Warm WelcomeNow Playing20minAndy Richter A Warm WelcomeCheri Oteri Clue MasterNow Playing20minCheri Oteri Clue MasterPlay Hard to WinNow Playing20minPlay Hard to WinGo Hard or Go HomeNow Playing20minGo Hard or Go HomeMoney MovesNow Playing20minMoney MovesGreat Clues, Great GuessingNow Playing20minGreat Clues, Great GuessingConfidence Is KeyNow Playing20minConfidence Is KeyCool CharactersNow Playing20minCool CharactersKeen CompetitionNow Playing20minKeen CompetitionAll StarsNow Playing20minAll StarsChallenge AcceptedNow Playing20minChallenge AcceptedEyes on the PrizeNow Playing20minEyes on the PrizeQuick CluesNow Playing20minQuick CluesBest of LuckNow Playing20minBest of LuckFirst TimerNow Playing20minFirst TimerFresh CluesNow Playing20minFresh CluesThe WordsmithsNow Playing20minThe WordsmithsColton Dunn Means BusinessNow Playing20minColton Dunn Means BusinessColton Dunn is Back For MoreNow Playing20minColton Dunn is Back For MoreKiller CluesNow Playing20minKiller CluesChallenge AcceptedNow Playing20minChallenge AcceptedLook At Me Now!Now Playing20minLook At Me Now!Good Time GameNow Playing20minGood Time GameSlam Dunk!Now Playing20minSlam Dunk!It's Game Time!Now Playing20minIt's Game Time!Matt Iseman Gets Right To It!Now Playing20minMatt Iseman Gets Right To It!Shanola Hampton Plays to Win!Now Playing20minShanola Hampton Plays to Win!Dan Bucantinsky is Having a Good Time!Now Playing20minDan Bucantinsky is Having a Good Time!Lightening Speed!Now Playing20minLightening Speed!The Heat is On!Now Playing20minThe Heat is On!Matt Iseman Turns Up the Heat!Now Playing20minMatt Iseman Turns Up the Heat!Lucky 13Now Playing20minLucky 13Finder's KeepersNow Playing20minFinder's KeepersStiff CompetitionNow Playing20minStiff CompetitionHigh ExpectationsNow Playing20minHigh ExpectationsGame OnNow Playing20minGame OnIt's Showtime!Now Playing20minIt's Showtime!Let's Make Some Money!Now Playing20minLet's Make Some Money!Practice Makes PerfectNow Playing20minPractice Makes PerfectStakes Are High Now Playing20minStakes Are High Dynamic DuoNow Playing20minDynamic DuoHard BallNow Playing20minHard Ball