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Divorce CourtTy Dockery's newfound love for religion leaves his wife Lesha feeling alone. Can this couple cope with differing outlooks or will the basis of their relationship crumble?Divorce Court

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Divorce CourtNow PlayingDivorce CourtTy Dockery's newfound love for religion leaves his wife Lesha feeling alone. Can this couple cope with differing outlooks or will the basis of their relationship crumble?Restart available0Divorce CourtDivorce CourtA 14 year age gap drives jealousy and deception. Can this couple overcome cheating allegations or will their relationship be shown the door?

Divorce Court S1 1-50

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Divorce Court S1 51-100

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Divorce Court S1 101-150

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Divorce Court S1 151-200

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Divorce Court S1 201-250

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Divorce Court S14 1-50

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Divorce Court S14 51-100

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Divorce Court S14 101-150

Danielle Daniels vs. Kevin WattsNow Playing20minDanielle Daniels vs. Kevin WattsCurtis Dunn vs. Melanie McDanielNow Playing20minCurtis Dunn vs. Melanie McDanielJanette Chaniel vs. Edward WebbNow Playing20minJanette Chaniel vs. Edward WebbSharon Campbell vs. Nathaniel "Nate" WilsonNow Playing20minSharon Campbell vs. Nathaniel "Nate" WilsonRebecca Wilkins vs. Dustin WilkinsNow Playing20minRebecca Wilkins vs. Dustin WilkinsDwayne Robinson vs. LaToya "D'eva" RobinsonNow Playing20minDwayne Robinson vs. LaToya "D'eva" RobinsonJoyce Hyde vs. Ronald HarrisNow Playing20minJoyce Hyde vs. Ronald HarrisQueenesha Tilmon vs. Jerome TilmonNow Playing20minQueenesha Tilmon vs. Jerome TilmonVanessa Benalcazar vs. Alan KubalaNow Playing20minVanessa Benalcazar vs. Alan KubalaShamonda Richardson vs. David RichardsonNow Playing20minShamonda Richardson vs. David RichardsonTony Clayton vs. Angela HolleyNow Playing20minTony Clayton vs. Angela HolleyLora Duffey vs. Edmound DuffeyNow Playing20minLora Duffey vs. Edmound DuffeyEric Jones vs. Shanika JonesNow Playing20minEric Jones vs. Shanika JonesMelissa Hardy vs. Ollie HardyNow Playing20minMelissa Hardy vs. Ollie HardyMargaret Davis vs. Duane "Shorty" DavisNow Playing20minMargaret Davis vs. Duane "Shorty" DavisMelissa Perkins vs. Derrick PerkinsNow Playing20minMelissa Perkins vs. Derrick PerkinsKristel Coakley vs. Timothy WattsNow Playing20minKristel Coakley vs. Timothy WattsDarnesha Greys vs. William ChatmanNow Playing20minDarnesha Greys vs. William ChatmanGeneva "LaShay" Gilbert-Davis vs. Anthony GottNow Playing20minGeneva "LaShay" Gilbert-Davis vs. Anthony GottTanisha McDonald vs. Alfred PearsonNow Playing20minTanisha McDonald vs. Alfred PearsonBynorozelle "Byna" Malone vs. Kenneth MorrowNow Playing20minBynorozelle "Byna" Malone vs. Kenneth MorrowKia Greenwade vs. Jeff ChapmanNow Playing20minKia Greenwade vs. Jeff ChapmanTywaniquekya MacKey vs. Heath RichardNow Playing20minTywaniquekya MacKey vs. Heath RichardLeonora "Isnore" Jones vs. Michael "Greedy" JonesNow Playing20minLeonora "Isnore" Jones vs. Michael "Greedy" JonesAisha Thomas vs. Richard ThomasNow Playing20minAisha Thomas vs. Richard ThomasWendell "Paul" Glover vs. Jasmine NealNow Playing20minWendell "Paul" Glover vs. Jasmine NealMariam Choudary vs. Chaddie AtaiwiNow Playing20minMariam Choudary vs. Chaddie AtaiwiDanyelle Simmons vs. Cody AndrewsNow Playing20minDanyelle Simmons vs. Cody AndrewsTykara Newman vs. Gaylon PorterNow Playing20minTykara Newman vs. Gaylon PorterLawrence Maxwell vs. Ciara CannonNow Playing20minLawrence Maxwell vs. Ciara CannonLynnette Villegas vs. Frank LopezNow Playing20minLynnette Villegas vs. Frank LopezLisa Todd vs. Henry BlackNow Playing20minLisa Todd vs. Henry BlackSarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 1)Now Playing20minSarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 1)Sarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 2)Now Playing20minSarah Colvin vs. Charles Colvin (Part 2)Angela "Angi" Waring vs. Tori StevensNow Playing20minAngela "Angi" Waring vs. Tori StevensRahiyma Allen vs. John AllenNow Playing20minRahiyma Allen vs. John AllenPatricia Fischer vs. Paul FischerNow Playing20minPatricia Fischer vs. Paul FischerTammy Lee vs. Clarence GrahamNow Playing20minTammy Lee vs. Clarence GrahamNoheme Perez vs. David PerezNow Playing20minNoheme Perez vs. David PerezMwanisha Reynolds vs. Mathew HedringtonNow Playing20minMwanisha Reynolds vs. Mathew HedringtonAnita Mason vs. Alton MasonNow Playing20minAnita Mason vs. Alton MasonMenyoun Jordan vs. Leonard TelfordNow Playing20minMenyoun Jordan vs. Leonard TelfordLorrie Tipton vs. David TiptonNow Playing20minLorrie Tipton vs. David TiptonLajoy Hughes-Rembert vs. Khalil RembertNow Playing20minLajoy Hughes-Rembert vs. Khalil RembertMonica "Lu" Jaramillo vs. Justin LongNow Playing20minMonica "Lu" Jaramillo vs. Justin LongSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 1)Now Playing20minSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 1)Santana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 2)Now Playing20minSantana Flowers vs. Jami "Jay" Jones (Part 2)Sarah Johnson vs. Anthony JonesNow Playing20minSarah Johnson vs. Anthony JonesAngela Mitchell vs. Anthony MitchellNow Playing20minAngela Mitchell vs. Anthony MitchellDanny Fendley vs. Sabrina FendleyNow Playing20minDanny Fendley vs. Sabrina Fendley

Divorce Court S15 1-50

Shacola Pinson vs. Tommy PinsonNow Playing20minShacola Pinson vs. Tommy PinsonLisa Bonee vs. Robert BoneeNow Playing20minLisa Bonee vs. Robert BoneeTsion Mitchell vs. Brashaad MayweatherNow Playing20minTsion Mitchell vs. Brashaad MayweatherJasmine Cotton vs. Nathaniel SmithNow Playing20minJasmine Cotton vs. Nathaniel SmithCarlene "Lynee" Rivers-Gilbert vs. Tracy GilbertNow Playing20minCarlene "Lynee" Rivers-Gilbert vs. Tracy GilbertKristin Caskey vs. David CaskeyNow Playing20minKristin Caskey vs. David CaskeyNatasha Davis vs. Reginald AnthonyNow Playing20minNatasha Davis vs. Reginald AnthonyJoyce Hawkins vs. DiAndre McNeillNow Playing20minJoyce Hawkins vs. DiAndre McNeillCynthia Moss-Lee vs. Ronnie LeeNow Playing20minCynthia Moss-Lee vs. Ronnie LeeJonille Doyle vs. Joshua DoyleNow Playing20minJonille Doyle vs. Joshua DoyleFelicia Britton AKA Phylicia Britton vs. David Parker, Jr.Now Playing20minFelicia Britton AKA Phylicia Britton vs. David Parker, Jr.Tarvoria Russ vs. Tyrice LeeNow Playing20minTarvoria Russ vs. Tyrice LeeNicole Copeland vs. Charles CopelandNow Playing20minNicole Copeland vs. Charles CopelandVenus Turner vs. Michael Amos, Jr.Now Playing20minVenus Turner vs. Michael Amos, Jr.Veronica Cassis vs. Jason CassisNow Playing20minVeronica Cassis vs. Jason CassisRebecca Moreno vs. Michael BroughtonNow Playing20minRebecca Moreno vs. Michael BroughtonJulio Caba vs. Carolina AlvarezNow Playing20minJulio Caba vs. Carolina AlvarezCindy Bertrand vs. Daniel FloresNow Playing20minCindy Bertrand vs. Daniel FloresTiawanda Foucha vs. Tyron RiversNow Playing20minTiawanda Foucha vs. Tyron RiversBrittany Sohn vs. Travis McConnellNow Playing20minBrittany Sohn vs. Travis McConnellDaniel Chapman vs. Mary ChapmanNow Playing20minDaniel Chapman vs. Mary ChapmanTracy Sanders vs. Felix CrowderNow Playing20minTracy Sanders vs. Felix CrowderSabrina Fendley vs. Daniel FendleyNow Playing20minSabrina Fendley vs. Daniel FendleyUndre Revis vs. Faye Marie FosterNow Playing20minUndre Revis vs. Faye Marie FosterKeturah Lewis vs. Haroldton LewisNow Playing20minKeturah Lewis vs. Haroldton LewisPatrick Kearns vs. Cory "Cori" Nastasi-WrightNow Playing20minPatrick Kearns vs. Cory "Cori" Nastasi-WrightApril Richardson vs. Daniel RichardsonNow Playing20minApril Richardson vs. Daniel RichardsonDenise Jennings vs. Jamelle ManningNow Playing20minDenise Jennings vs. Jamelle ManningConley Larose vs. Athena DresslerNow Playing20minConley Larose vs. Athena DresslerKendrick Marcus Wade AKA "Yung G." vs. Shantae WadeNow Playing20minKendrick Marcus Wade AKA "Yung G." vs. Shantae WadeMeggan Robison vs. Jonathan CarlsonNow Playing20minMeggan Robison vs. Jonathan CarlsonSheniele Logan vs. DeAndre HarrisonNow Playing20minSheniele Logan vs. DeAndre HarrisonChristi Porter vs. Charlie Porter Jr.Now Playing20minChristi Porter vs. Charlie Porter Jr.Michael Johnson vs. Ameshia JacksonNow Playing20minMichael Johnson vs. Ameshia JacksonMonica Midkiff vs. Brian MidkiffNow Playing20minMonica Midkiff vs. Brian MidkiffGary Hamblin Jr. vs. Tonya SmithNow Playing20minGary Hamblin Jr. vs. Tonya SmithTaneshia Weeks vs. David Hawthorne, Jr.Now Playing20minTaneshia Weeks vs. David Hawthorne, Jr.Kenneth Thompson II vs. Nakita ThompsonNow Playing20minKenneth Thompson II vs. Nakita ThompsonTamara Wiseman vs. Don Clarke IINow Playing20minTamara Wiseman vs. Don Clarke IIAmy Benny vs. Robert BennyNow Playing20minAmy Benny vs. Robert BennyJeffrey "Bigg Jigg" Thurston vs. Tracie StewartNow Playing20minJeffrey "Bigg Jigg" Thurston vs. Tracie StewartJasmine Sherod vs. Justyn RobbinsNow Playing20minJasmine Sherod vs. Justyn RobbinsPatricia Palmer vs. Andre BanksNow Playing20minPatricia Palmer vs. Andre BanksJennifer Brolliar vs. Roger PellorNow Playing20minJennifer Brolliar vs. Roger PellorJoni Booth vs. Robert BoothNow Playing20minJoni Booth vs. Robert BoothRayleen Vaz vs. Harold VazNow Playing20minRayleen Vaz vs. Harold VazAnjenette Hodges vs. Roby Minix, Jr.Now Playing20minAnjenette Hodges vs. Roby Minix, Jr.Tamonya Young vs. Kory KaneNow Playing20minTamonya Young vs. Kory Kane

Divorce Court S15 51-100

Chelsea West vs. Victor GennaroNow Playing20minChelsea West vs. Victor GennaroShereka Freeman-Barber vs. Nathaniel BarberNow Playing20minShereka Freeman-Barber vs. Nathaniel BarberTamala Wilkins vs. David FennNow Playing20minTamala Wilkins vs. David FennLubov Anderson vs. Dameon EdwardsNow Playing20minLubov Anderson vs. Dameon EdwardsDonna Stern Gaba vs. Jhon RamirezNow Playing20minDonna Stern Gaba vs. Jhon RamirezClara Johnson vs. Barry CozartNow Playing20minClara Johnson vs. Barry CozartEvelyn Barry vs. Courtney BarryNow Playing20minEvelyn Barry vs. Courtney BarryErin Noyd vs. Djakarta "Deena" JacobsNow Playing20minErin Noyd vs. Djakarta "Deena" JacobsEmmanuel Simms vs. Jacquea "J" Howard-BrockNow Playing20minEmmanuel Simms vs. Jacquea "J" Howard-BrockTaciana Stewart vs. John Flounory IIINow Playing20minTaciana Stewart vs. John Flounory IIIAmil Hunter vs. Ebony ErwinNow Playing20minAmil Hunter vs. Ebony ErwinShana Pinkerman vs. Jason PinkermanNow Playing20minShana Pinkerman vs. Jason PinkermanTesa Isome vs. Edward "Sonny" Isome IIINow Playing20minTesa Isome vs. Edward "Sonny" Isome IIIJamal Quezaire Evans vs. Jamie GirardNow Playing20minJamal Quezaire Evans vs. Jamie GirardKarla White vs. Clifford "Trey" White IIINow Playing20minKarla White vs. Clifford "Trey" White IIILyndsay Haney vs. Samuel HansenNow Playing20minLyndsay Haney vs. Samuel HansenNichole Fann vs. Albert Fann IIINow Playing20minNichole Fann vs. Albert Fann IIIPatrice Johnson vs. Kenneth HilleryNow Playing20minPatrice Johnson vs. Kenneth HilleryNikki Green vs. Joshua GreenNow Playing20minNikki Green vs. Joshua GreenBolanile "Bolani" Richardson vs. Mark RichardsonNow Playing20minBolanile "Bolani" Richardson vs. Mark RichardsonLashawndra Dunn vs. Christopher DunnNow Playing20minLashawndra Dunn vs. Christopher DunnLakisha Carmon vs. Ronald CarmonNow Playing20minLakisha Carmon vs. Ronald CarmonTiffany Wilson vs. Terry Wilson, Jr.Now Playing20minTiffany Wilson vs. Terry Wilson, Jr.Dawn Marlowe vs. Rudolph "Rudy" RoquemoreNow Playing20minDawn Marlowe vs. Rudolph "Rudy" RoquemoreMaria Thompson Henry vs. Arnester HenryNow Playing20minMaria Thompson Henry vs. Arnester HenryPablo Gonzalez vs. Stephanie AguayoNow Playing20minPablo Gonzalez vs. Stephanie AguayoLeilani Riera Miller vs. Gilbert LepeNow Playing20minLeilani Riera Miller vs. Gilbert LepeTynauda Shipman vs. Starley ShipmanNow Playing20minTynauda Shipman vs. Starley ShipmanStacie Mizell vs. John Travis MizellNow Playing20minStacie Mizell vs. John Travis MizellJessica McDuffey vs. Gregory SamuelNow Playing20minJessica McDuffey vs. Gregory SamuelRobert Hainer vs. Alisha HainerNow Playing20minRobert Hainer vs. Alisha HainerPaula Thurber vs. Richard ThurberNow Playing20minPaula Thurber vs. Richard ThurberPascual Pulido, Jr. vs. Lorena GonzalezNow Playing20minPascual Pulido, Jr. vs. Lorena GonzalezTracey White vs. Justin HoganNow Playing20minTracey White vs. Justin HoganSelena Thomas vs. Jonathan ManigaultNow Playing20minSelena Thomas vs. Jonathan ManigaultTangela Wilkerson vs. Russell Spencer WilkersonNow Playing20minTangela Wilkerson vs. Russell Spencer WilkersonMagen Sanchez vs. Carlos SanchezNow Playing20minMagen Sanchez vs. Carlos SanchezAndrew Suarez vs. Melanie Davidson-SuarezNow Playing20minAndrew Suarez vs. Melanie Davidson-SuarezCandy Lawton vs. Anthony BryantNow Playing20minCandy Lawton vs. Anthony BryantMaria Panteliodis vs. Patrick MorrisNow Playing20minMaria Panteliodis vs. Patrick MorrisDemiko Moore vs. Marcha MooreNow Playing20minDemiko Moore vs. Marcha MooreT'mesha Young vs. Arkles Brooks IIINow Playing20minT'mesha Young vs. Arkles Brooks IIIKatrina Scott vs. Emanuel Scott Sr.Now Playing20minKatrina Scott vs. Emanuel Scott Sr.Tiffany Rutledge vs. Allen Murray IVNow Playing20minTiffany Rutledge vs. Allen Murray IVLloyd Thomas Rogers vs. Angela RogersNow Playing20minLloyd Thomas Rogers vs. Angela RogersDujunia Wallace vs. Timothy WallaceNow Playing20minDujunia Wallace vs. Timothy WallaceMolly Block vs. Brandon HickmanNow Playing20minMolly Block vs. Brandon HickmanJaray Shaw vs. Tacarra ShawNow Playing20minJaray Shaw vs. Tacarra Shaw

Divorce Court S15 101-150

Ronjadale Davis vs. Tena BarayNow Playing20minRonjadale Davis vs. Tena BarayJoshua Martinez Ramos vs. Dajanae SarvisNow Playing20minJoshua Martinez Ramos vs. Dajanae SarvisBrandy McCullough vs. Jerry McCulloughNow Playing20minBrandy McCullough vs. Jerry McCulloughAshlee Tafoya vs. Paul TafoyaNow Playing20minAshlee Tafoya vs. Paul TafoyaJacklyn Brown vs. Dion PheliaNow Playing20minJacklyn Brown vs. Dion PheliaNicole Coleman vs. LaShawn "Shawn" ColemanNow Playing20minNicole Coleman vs. LaShawn "Shawn" ColemanLaqueta Scott vs. Shearod BrooksNow Playing20minLaqueta Scott vs. Shearod BrooksLawrence Harvey vs. Kamern DrakeNow Playing20minLawrence Harvey vs. Kamern DrakeErica Hughes vs. William HughesNow Playing20minErica Hughes vs. William HughesRulon Stewart vs. Abony CarrNow Playing20minRulon Stewart vs. Abony CarrJennifer Vitulano vs. Joshua VitulanoNow Playing20minJennifer Vitulano vs. Joshua VitulanoLynea Ransom vs. Aldonta "D" SmithNow Playing20minLynea Ransom vs. Aldonta "D" SmithSellick Anderson vs. Myisha WashingtonNow Playing20minSellick Anderson vs. Myisha WashingtonAmber Brown vs. John-Ross MarcelakNow Playing20minAmber Brown vs. John-Ross MarcelakAshlie Alston vs. Clarence "CJ" Haskell IINow Playing20minAshlie Alston vs. Clarence "CJ" Haskell IICharlise Darby vs. Brian DarbyNow Playing20minCharlise Darby vs. Brian DarbyJeffery Chamberlain vs. Latoya ChamberlainNow Playing20minJeffery Chamberlain vs. Latoya ChamberlainWendy Smith vs. Byron SmithNow Playing20minWendy Smith vs. Byron SmithAshley Rose vs. Dorian RoseNow Playing20minAshley Rose vs. Dorian RoseJennifer Fleming vs. Jayson Fleming Jr.Now Playing20minJennifer Fleming vs. Jayson Fleming Jr.Jeanne Roper vs. Raymond RoperNow Playing20minJeanne Roper vs. Raymond RoperDaniel Morris vs. Melannie MorrisNow Playing20minDaniel Morris vs. Melannie MorrisAndrea Hughes vs. Brian BaileyNow Playing20minAndrea Hughes vs. Brian BaileyIndia Edwards vs. Timothy Higgs, Jr.Now Playing20minIndia Edwards vs. Timothy Higgs, Jr.Fantasia Bueford vs. Wendell GlennNow Playing20minFantasia Bueford vs. Wendell GlennJoshua Hendrix vs. Allison HendrixNow Playing20minJoshua Hendrix vs. Allison HendrixAvis Burns vs. Ronnell BurnsNow Playing20minAvis Burns vs. Ronnell BurnsSandra Patterson vs. Kenneth JonesNow Playing20minSandra Patterson vs. Kenneth JonesDonald Hillaker vs. Laura AmondNow Playing20minDonald Hillaker vs. Laura AmondTammy Beaufort vs. Dontae BeaufortNow Playing20minTammy Beaufort vs. Dontae BeaufortAmber Kramer vs. Brandon KramerNow Playing20minAmber Kramer vs. Brandon KramerEbonetta Shoals vs. David BrownNow Playing20minEbonetta Shoals vs. David BrownCharlotte Perry vs. Raymond Perry Jr.Now Playing20minCharlotte Perry vs. Raymond Perry Jr.Patricia Hunt vs. Corwin HuntNow Playing20minPatricia Hunt vs. Corwin HuntHeather Risner vs. James RisnerNow Playing20minHeather Risner vs. James RisnerSamantha Rogers vs. Parnell RogersNow Playing20minSamantha Rogers vs. Parnell RogersAnthoneil Champagnie vs. Rina Fuentes SalazarNow Playing20minAnthoneil Champagnie vs. Rina Fuentes SalazarSteven Senn vs. Julie SennNow Playing20minSteven Senn vs. Julie SennShawn Eskridge vs. Cornelius EskridgeNow Playing20minShawn Eskridge vs. Cornelius EskridgeCharlie Wade vs. Maresha JordanNow Playing20minCharlie Wade vs. Maresha JordanGisette Mosquera vs. Antonio BallonNow Playing20minGisette Mosquera vs. Antonio BallonKashuna Little vs. Eric ClaytonNow Playing20minKashuna Little vs. Eric ClaytonMonica Stephens vs. Ludwick "LJ" Stephens IIINow Playing20minMonica Stephens vs. Ludwick "LJ" Stephens IIIElaine Lee vs. Tony SappNow Playing20minElaine Lee vs. Tony SappCrystal Johnson vs. Robert Rimson IIINow Playing20minCrystal Johnson vs. Robert Rimson IIIShenica Smith vs. Antoine BuddNow Playing20minShenica Smith vs. Antoine BuddAndrew Cachuex vs. Monique RuizNow Playing20minAndrew Cachuex vs. Monique RuizBenjamin Dudgeon vs. Phillippa DudgeonNow Playing20minBenjamin Dudgeon vs. Phillippa DudgeonShannon Jones vs. Thomas EcholsNow Playing20minShannon Jones vs. Thomas Echols

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