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Carter's W.A.R.While visiting a secret orphanage that cares for rescued baby rhinos, Ivan discovers the blood, sweat, tears that go into saving this endangered species. An emergency phone call sends him on an adventure with a group of local heroes.

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Carter's W.A.R.Now PlayingCarter's W.A.R.While visiting a secret orphanage that cares for rescued baby rhinos, Ivan discovers the blood, sweat, tears that go into saving this endangered species. An emergency phone call sends him on an adventure with a group of local heroes.0Savage WildSavage WildOn this episode of Savage Wild, we embark on a hunting adventure for wild boar on a small island in the middle of a Florida lake.

First Responders

Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

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Backcountry Survival

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Adrenaline Rush

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